The Best Part Of My Day Job


One of the text message I received

Today (16 May) is the day my day job is celebrated.  Thanks for all the text messages, and also the personal wishes coming in.  I appreciate it.  Frankly speaking, I don’t anticipate anything for this day.  Not even a wish from anyone because I know how crappy and terrible I am at my day job.

One of the text message I received

I also know I am not that experience in what I do, and despite giving my best, I still find myself very much flawed and sometimes lost or lack in information.  There are moments I feel that those whom are under me know more than they should, leaving me very much wondering why am I standing in front of them, teaching them something they already know.  It’s an awkward feeling, but I deal with it by empowering myself with more knowledge.

Anyway, the text messages and personal wishes coming in made me realize that what I am doing is so much worth it.  At the point where I feel that my day job actually sucks because it throttles my social life, I get a new life line of why am I actually doing it for a living.  In fact, I could be doing so much other things, but I choose this job, and there are in fact moments which I could really describe as ‘sweet’.

One of the text message I received

So, thanks for all the wishes, and encouragement.  Indeed, I know I am not perfect at my day job.  I am not actually a role model when it comes to my day job’s requirements, but I believe that somehow, and somewhere, I have managed to make a positive difference in someones life, and to me, that is the best part of my day job…


  1. Hahaha, you’re a teacher?!! The other day my coursemates found your post on BTN and posted in on facebook. Hahah. But I never thought you’re a teacher. Thought you’re just another civil servant. 😛

    Why is it so surprising that I am a teacher? 😛 wuahaha….

  2. Hey Cyril, you seem like you are not confident of being a teacher. Once upon a time I was a bit something like you. If you are on it you have to enjoy it. Many are yet to come. Experience will make you learn. Don’t fret! Teaching is a noble job. Forget about what others say about teachers but just get along with it. Way to go man…

    Thanks bro!! Frankly, I am very much surprised to see you here 😛

  3. I do think that your job is very respectable, it may not seem superbly “high” in status but hey, if a person really fit himself into the shoes of your profession, it would be one of the most challenging task he has ever encountered.
    At the end of the day, I also believe that it is the most fulfilling. Leaving a mark, aiding so many lives towards their future/success, what more can the world demand from a man?
    Hence Cyril, Selamat Hari Guru !!

    Thanks you man.. your words are nothing short of inspiring, but the word ‘respectable’ sometimes is really a burden.

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