The Best Ramadhan Buffet In Town Is Back!


Before you say “Hey, you are wrong, there are other buffets which I think are better“, let me point out that this is a simple case of ‘Taste is subjective‘, and that ‘I have yet to taste the other buffets‘.

To date, the Ramadhan buffet called ‘The Original Macam-Macam Ramadhan Mega Buffet’ is the best for me, serving a wide variety of food, with some specially brought in chefs that does nothing short of ensure it remains at its best.

This year, the highlights come all the way from Cambodia as Cambodian chefs role out local Cambodian delicacies like Pad Thai, Banh Chok, Phobo, Som Tam and Nom Dong Dot. These delicacies are made served as the main dish, and it was a ‘two thumbs-up’ from me. I have to say that I didn’t bother about the names of the food, except the fact that it was from Cambodia, but clamps, prawns, chicken and fish were part of this amazing buffet. You can check out the photos below which feature the Cambodian dishes served.

Among some of the food from Indo-China

Next to the Cambodian/Indo-China dishes were Penang food. Penang basically won my heart with Penang Char Kueh Tiaw, Laksa Asam Penang, and Prawn Mee, buta dish which is a little like Sotong Kangkung back here in Sarawak, but taste amazingly different.

I don’t remember the name of this, but it was delicious.

Apart from the dishes I mentioned above, there was also other Western, Chinese, Japanese and Middle Eastern delicacies. And I should not also forget the Malay cusine which was lead by Sambal Asam!

Sambal galore…..

To end the whole amazing buffet, you have options of cendol, ice cream and a wide variety juices and fruits.

So, if you have yet to try this amazing buffer, head on to Grand Margherita Hotel, Kuching and taste this RM80++/per person buffet. Just so you know, YB Datuk Haji Talib Zulpilip (A. Minister of Tourism, Sarawak) was an enthusiactic man when he officially opened this buffet. He’s the guy looking super cute in traditional outfit below.

Official opening by YB Datuk Haji Talib Zulpilip

Ahh, there is also a special weekly lucky draw thic year for those going to this buffet, with prizes worth up to RM25,000 all for grabs. The buffet ends this coming 29th August 2011, and advance bookings via +6082418911 is highly encouraged. Told you its popular. =)


  1. Have you tried the ramadhan buffets in other hotels yet? If not, you can’t say it’s the best. And the food doesn’t look good from the pictures.

    • Please read the first two paragraphs which say collectively say “The best Ramadhan buffet in my opinion, and in reference to the buffets I have tried”, and my statement is not including buffets I have not tried. After all, like i said in the first paragraph, taste is subjectuve, so it can be amazingly good for me, but not for others.

      Cheers! =)

        • It’s really not misleading my friend because I rate it as the best I’ve tried so far. It’s basicly based on my own belief that the buffet is Kuching’s best. To put a title that says ‘Best Kuching Ramadhan Buffet as rated by myself is back’ would be too long, and hence why i decided to put that disclaimer in my first paragraph to avoid ‘misleading’ and confusion.

          However, you do not have to agree with me on the buffet being the best because taste is subjective to every individual. =)


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