The best thing about Ramadan is back!

There is this one thing I like about Ramadan, and it has nothing to do with religion or race, but rather so much more to do with food.  Yes, it’s the month everyone is feasted to a massive number of delicacies at numerous spots in town at either the ever massive Ramadan martkets (Pasar Ramadan) or the more illustrious Ramadan buffets held at major hotels and food outlets.

One in particular which has got me singing last year was the Borneo Convention Centre Kuching (BCCK) Ramadan buffet.  Famous for it’s glorious lamb and it’s spacious venue, the BCCK Ramadan buffet stole my heart as I came for seconds by paying in full, just to ensure the lamb was still glorious enough.  The first was on the house as BCCK decided to house a few bloggers, and yours truly was one of them.

This time around, I was told by an ‘insider’ from BCCK that the lamb I crave would be back in even more style, and that there would be more additions to the deserts, with an ice cream machine probably making an appearance.  Word that I received is that BCCK is trying to make it happen, but this is by far not confirmed until this Saturday when I get to again, test the buffet. (Yes, I was invited for the second time!! woohooooOOOo!!!)

So what am I expecting? To be honest, I can’t actually state what I wished could be served as the previous year saw BCCK exceeding my expectations.  You can read about it here.

Nonetheless, I do hope to see the Pek King duck making its way to the buffet table, in addition to the lamb which I hope could be  served in ample portion.  I also hope to see more variety for ice cream, with an ice cream making machine available with chocolate toppings.

Since I am a huge fan of traditional cooking, I do also hope to see more sambal and ulam varieties at the table, with more options for drinks or juices.  An addition of guava juice would be nice =P

Well, I’m really looking forward to BCCK’s Ramadan buffet that even writing this post and reminiscing what I had last year is making me hungry!

I hope BCCK’s ramadan buffet doesn’t disappoint! WoohooOOoooo!!!

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