The Birthday Post – 37


I’m turning 37 this year and I have to admit the new year wasn’t great.

Health remains a main issue or concern for me.  For the whole 2019, I’ve been constantly in poor health and I hope 2020 will improve this.

I will start to exercise more, and cut down on food which aren’t exactly good for my health.

My eyesight seems to have deteriorated and it is effecting my screen time, which in turn means I am going to spend less time on the screen, and will only do so when I need to.

This means, I will likely blog less, or look at the phone more.  I’ve already started staying away from my phone when the lights our out.

That said, I do hope 2020 would be an amazing year for me, and hope my health improves significantly.

Last but not least, Thank you God for giving me another year in this world.

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