The Birthday Post: Thirty Six


I’m Thirty Six this year and a few days before this day, I was down with flu and was feeling slightly unwell.  In fact, I celebrated the 2019 new year in bed as early as 9PM.

I think towards the end of 2018, I had a lot of issues with my health.

It started with dengue, and then there was flu, and up to the day I am writing this post (yes, this post is pre-written), I still am not 100% my old self – in terms of health.

This doesn’t include the constant flu, sore throat, cough and fever I’ve had for the past 2018.  I do seem to be rather prone to those.

I am trying to exercise a bit, but I am going to watch my diet and do more exercise this year, particularly since I will be beyond Thirty Six.

So, that said, for Thirty Six, my only wish is to have my wife and I be healthy and grow old together, with us being able to see our daughter grow up. Amen.

Also got a new belt for my birthday courtesy of the Mrs. Yay!

Anyway, for 2019 on wards, I’m going to take less meat, less sugar, and eat healthier food.


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