The Emcee and The World


Deepavali 2009

Before I start, I’d like to wish all friends and readers a very blessed joyous belated Deepavali.

Anyway, I’m suppose to be the commentator for the F1inSchools Technology challenge today, but then, I was told that my job will only start in the afternoon, or after my day job… which kind of sucks considering I was hoping that I’d finish everything by 2pm and get a good rest after that.  Well, work is work… just have to bear with it and do it.

How I will fare as an commentator remains a huge question.  I always loved the thought of being an commentator or a deejay (where you get to play songs and ask people questions), but I’ve never actually done it.  Of course being an emcee in church for Sunday mass is a different thing if compared to being an commentator for an event.  Anyway, both emceeing and commentating are similar jobs, but here’s an interesting fact; Emceeing (being an MC) was a term introduced by the Catholic Church.

F1inSchool 2009 comittee

Since I’m kind of free, or more precisely, I have too much work ’till I don’t know where to start… I turned to FB to release some of those ‘tense feeling’ by answering questions on this application called “Social Interview”.  Now,I skipped quite a few dumb questions which were asked, until I reach this particular question:

If the whole world were listening, what would you say?

Arrghhh.. That’s a tough one. It got me thinking.. “What would I say?” I wouldn’t want to sound like an idiot by saying something stupid, nor do I want to sound too darn smart that people will call you me a ‘show-off’. Even better, I don’t know what I want to say!!! It’s odd because I never say myself as a person whom would be clueless on something. Normally, if I am too quiet on a particular issue, its either that I agree with what has been said, or I disagree, but I just wanna play dumb because saying anything will not change what has been decided. It’s never because I don’t know what to say.

So, while I’m thinking of what I would say, I think I’d like to hear what you have to say on this particular question.  I mean:

If the whole world were listening, what would you say?


  1. Cita-cita saya dulu nak jadi deejay… sebab suka dengar suara diri-sendiri, *perasan* dan boleh control lagu apa nak main. 🙂 apakan daya…

    Serupe je bunyi… LOL… but, seriously… serupe..

  2. Iif I had the opportunity, I wouldn’t know what to say..

    ..but maybe my childish side would say something that doesn’t make sense just to mess around with people’s head. “If you’re huge, then you’re small”. Ahaha. :p

    Hahahah…that equally nice.. =P

  3. Errr….if the whole world is listening….I would say…yo guys out there! Let’s do photoshoot. Ahaks!

    Hahaha… bro, every model will come surround you if you say that ;P

  4. if the world were listening, what would you say?

    Please save this world by limiting the plastic usage daily, if it’s too hard to do recycle..Please save this only world we have for our future generation..

    I know it sounds cliche.. But that’s exactly what i’ll’s like, the words are always at the back of my head…
    The mother nature is getting sicker and sicker at each ticking seconds.. kinda sad though..

    LOL. mentang2 kerja Kem. Kesihatan =P but, you are right to justify this shout out. The world is getting more polluted, and everyone should do something to clean it up.

  5. cant think of anything that i would want to say either.

    i like emceeing although i prefer a casual event rather than a formal one 🙂

    Same here… Formal events are boring..

  6. eh, tidak la, cyril..nothing to do with my workline..or else i’ll be working with Dept of Environmental, yes?..;P

    Thanks to Discovery Channel for the awareness in me. 🙂 plastik susah degradated ma… i care about my future kids well-being.. ekekeke..

    Discovery CHannel… Yeah. They provide the best insight on stuff like that. It’s really true, we need to curb pollution for the sake of the future =P Salah department pla me..haha


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