The Epic Bogelboy


Nevermind the title. It’s just something Fahriee came out with after an epic event at his place. It changed the month of April for me, and it made me make sure that my bathroom door was properly locked whenever I had business in it. Honestly, I can’t remember anytime close I had laughed till my tummy ached, and tears literally fell on my cheek. Yep, as I said, it was E.P.I.C, and I mean that with all my soul.  If there was a moment which could live up to the ‘ROFL’ tag, this was it….

But regardless of that, the night itself was amazing.  I don’t have an amazing voice, but I do like music and singing, and when you have about 10 close friends singing to a song you all can respond too, it’s a magical moment for me.  Well, that happened that night.  Seth was on the guitar, Tasha‘s sexy voice (which you’d hear on Kuching) was also donated, and Mike‘s rapping ensured any popular song would sound different.  Everyone else (PK, Sherrie, Robby, Yong Lim, Angel, Asif) sang along, and our voices just blended, yeah.. regardless if Fahriee’s neighbors were just an inch to dial the police to complaint of ‘noise pollution’.

Oh yeah, since it was in conjunction with Justin Bibier’s concert, we definitely sang his famous songs because we are such HUuuuuuuGGGEEeeee fans!!  The only problem was, we kept saying ‘Babi’ instead of ‘Baby’.

To the Kuching’s very own King of Awesome, Happy Birthday bro… May the ‘bogel-ness‘ be with you!


  1. What exactly is the business that were you caught doing… Izit the small or the big business LOL. I’ve never experienced that YET and hopefully no. But I’ve opened some doors that should’ve been left closed haaha. Seems like an awesome gathering you have there.

    Eniweiz, found your blog through Chegu. Nice blog yo 🙂

  2. HAHAHA! Cirakaaaa. 😛 As long as the video is not up, I can still totally laugh about this. LOL

    Anyway, thanks for the wish, bro..and thanks again for making that night the most unforgettable night in my life so far. :p

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