The fourth year of 14 December

It’s 14 December, and if you have not known, at the time of this post is scheduled to be published, it would be my fourth wedding anniversary.

Despite the tender age of my marriage, there’s plenty to be thankful for since I decided to end my single life with the woman I now call my wife.

Every day that past by isn’t without challenges, but my wife knows how to bring the best out of me, and hence why I believe, until today, I made the perfect choice when I said ‘I do’ at the altar with friends, families and God as witness.

It is indeed in His good grace that I am blessed with such a wonderful family.

Wedding ring exchange
Wedding ring exchange

Anyway, four years ago, when I exchanged my vows, I asked my best man to double as my camera man for the wedding as we opted not to hire a videographer for the ceremony, opting to save for our honeymoon.

Perhaps some say it wasn’t a good idea, but back then we figured there wasn’t a need to have a videographer which cost thousands, especially since the wedding itself was already quite costly despite us trying our best to make it rather simple.

Anyway, the video feed for the wedding ceremony and the dinner had since been kept in my hard disk being unedited, unwatched, and untouched, until recently I decided to finally complete the whole video as you can see below.

Well, obviously the video isn’t top class as most wedding videos which had a professional wedding videographer making them, but then again, I made this video myself, with little to no knowledge about Vegas Pro video editing software, so I am still pretty proud of it regardless of how ‘home made’ it may seem to appear.

Anyway, if you are wondering, the background music was custom made by my wife for the wedding, so you won’t hear that same voice and song anywhere else.

To my wife, happy anniversary and I love you baby!

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