The head band incident

head band incident

I’m here to talk about ‘the head band incident’.  Last week was one of the many days my wife had to travel.

Since her travel required her to stay overnight in Kuala Lumpur, I had to shoulder the responsibilities of waking up my four year old daughter, including preparing her for school.

To be completely honest with you, I always dread the moments my wife had to travel recently because waking up my daughter is not easy.

It’s not that she doesn’t enjoy school but like me, she’s just not a morning person.  That means she doesn’t fancy early mornings.


Preparing breakfast or my daughter’s lunch box is another problem I have. My wife usually takes time to cook for her, but I’m just not good at early morning cooking.

Once, I over-fried the luncheon meat, and the teachers at my daughter’s school had a good laugh when they knew it was my doing. – I packed it anyway because I thought it was just hard, not burned.

After that incident, I kept things simple for her lunch box whenever my wife had to travel, preferring to pack buns or ready made food instead.

So this time around, I did the same, fitting in a piece of moon cake my daughter loves in her lunch box, a few slices of cheese and a butter bun.

I filled her water bottle with plain water, packed up her school bag, and placed it on the couch.

head band incident


At 6:20AM, I woke my daughter up and the usual morning drama began.  The only difference is that I’ve to deal with it this time.

It took extra effort to get my daughter awake, and by the time she was in the bathroom, it was already 6:45AM.

When she came out, she wiped her body and I helped her put on her uniform. Once ready, I asked her to go to the living room to wait for me while I tidied up.

Upon completing my task, I went out, and saw her hair all messy. I then offered to tie her hair because she should look neat for school.

She however said “Wait daddy”and then ran into the room.

At that time, I thought she was going to get a ribbon or something so that I could tie her hair.

She soon emerged with a head band on her head and asked “How do I look?”, as she smiled sweetly.

I call this particular moment ‘the head band incident’ because it is significant to me.


It was moments like the ‘head band incident‘ that made me realize my daughter is fast growing up.

Not only does she know how to dress up these days, she is even more opinionated on things.

She also now has her own choice of clothing and style, and is slowly picking up on her responsibilities.

All of this at four years, and yet I still see her as my small baby.

I know many parents probably have felt like I do and I’m certain it is one of the many amazing things about being a parent.

For now, I am enjoying watching my girl grow up and there are times I find it just so magical seeing how she pick up stuff.  These days, she is also picking out pop songs from the radio.

I look forward to see her grow, but at the same time I do not want her to grow up too fast.

I’m not sure if every parent feels that way because I know, it’s contradicting.

Either way, if you had experienced such parental experience, do share in the comments.



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