The House: Signed the S&P


Finally signed the Sales & Purchase agreement for my own house. I practically fully used my loan allocation for this property, and I have to start really saving up for other important things related to the house such as grill, lighting, water and internet access.

Anyway, with the land size of approximately 394m2, I was a little bit disappointed with the house size, particularly the main bed room. The house is practically 20% ready, and I did go and check out the site recently. The foundation is ready, but from the looks of it, the master bedroom would only fit one king size bed, about 3 rows of cupboard and probably a dressing table with little room for you to be ‘creative’.

When I first saw the plans, I had reservations over purchasing the house. This was due to the interior plans as the common room was separated from the family area. This, according to the developers was the typical ‘Malay design’. *sigh* I’m not a Malay, and I didn’t like the idea as this plan would see the family area becoming dark by night. You can check out the plan of the house below:

Anyway, I finally decided to get the house. Regardless of the floor plans, I loved the location which was just 5 minutes from work, and a little over 10 minutes to SMK St Joseph & SMK St Theresa, which are both great schools which I hope to see my future kids go to =P Apart from that major amenities inclusive of not less than 4 ways to get to the house made the place fantastic and strategic. Oh, did I mention it is also not located near any main road, and is placed right near a park?

Anyway, as mum said… “Buy the house as an investment, and when you feel you need a bigger house, you can always sell it and get a bigger one“.


  1. Mom is right. But dont sell it off, rent it out, get extra income. 🙂 Have fun with the new house! it can be exhausting deciding on colors, furnishings and decoration, but totally worth the little drama! Now all you need is… ehem.

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