The Journey to the #OttersBIGDay


It’s been almost 5 months, and I have been slow in posting things about the wedding because of work and new things going in my life. On top of that, I am on Maxis broadband which is limited in terms of connectivity and surfing the net is quite ‘unsatisfying’ to say the least. The big problem is the quota, so I have to live with that, until TM decides to put up connection in this urban housing area.

But everything is settling down slowly with my wife and I negotiating every hurdle (not that there is many) together as it comes. Sometimes, I mistakenly call my wife ‘my girlfriend’, which are signs I am still adjusting to that ‘not-single’ status. hahahaha

Most of the challenges that come with marriage involve commitment and sacrifices on both sides, but its something both of us know, and that makes it easy when making major decisions.  I was told communication is important when you are married, and I am thankful that that is happening between us.

For the married couples, you know the drill, and for the single ones, you will find out when you do get hitched =)

But anyway, despite the small wedding reception I had last December, I still think it was the best, and I still find myself beaming when I think of the whole occasion.

The wedding video which played during the reception in particular, seems to keep its glow as I watch it for countless times with a smile slowly making its way to my face when I reach the middle of the whole 6 minute plus video I self made.

Anyway, I was made to understand some of you were not able to see the video properly during the reception, and so after much contemplating, I have decided to share this personal video to you via YouTube.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, but regardless, this video is special to me.

More wedding bits coming soon, so don’t puke just yet =)


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