The KK BroTrip 2012


Last weekend, the boys and I decided to hit Kota Kinabalu or KK for a BroTrip. The plan was to unwind and relax, and so we did.

It was Mike’s first time there, while KK was not new to Fahri, Rodz and I. We have had our share of history with KK, and so going back was really something we always looked forward too.

View of what Kota Kinabalu has to offer from Shangri-la Hotel Sabah.

I for once, have a soft spot for KK, and the city ranks third in my biased list of favorite cities around the globe. Guess which city comes first?

Anyway, the whole trip officially started upon our arrival at KK that Thursday morning. We took an early flight, and arrived at KK International around 8AM. Fahri picked us up from Terminal 2, and off we went for breakfast.

Since our first choice restaurant (San Sui) was closed, we opted to drive to Gaya Street where we had noodles for breakfast.

I’m not going into any detailed stories of the trip as I have this tiny feeling that it would actually bore you. I’m also not a born story teller, which could make the whole post dragging.

Sunset view from Marina Court – Where we stayed

Well, in KK, we managed to spend some time at Tanjung Aru beach, Shangri-la Tanjung Aru, Suria Sabah, Manukan Island, 1Borneo, Centre Point, Warisan Square, and the infamous KK Waterfront.

We also managed to check out Firefly Bar & Grill, The Chocolate Factory and B.E.D, while enjoying some local food such as Tuaran mee and Tom Yam Sabah. Since Burger King was unavailable in Kuching, then that was our dinner for one of the nights there, while surprisingly Maggi was also served when we were desperately lazy to head out.

The trip was one hell of a trip to say the least, although it was kind of ‘anti-climax’ due to some reasons I shall not say here. Even so, it was one of the best trips I’ve had so far, and this is definitely not the last trip to the city known as KK.

The bros doing it at Shangri-La Sabah

Lastly… “Oppa Gangnam Syyle!!”

Sing together now: “Heyyyyy… sexyyy laddyyyy……”….


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