The Malaysian National Robotics Competition 2009


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I’m back from KL after a 3 days trip for the Malaysian National Robotics Competition(MNRC) 2009.  As I said in my previous post, Kuala Lumpur, or KL is a huge ‘wow!!’ for me…  With KL still fresh in mind, I guess Kuching seems so much less then KL, but yal-lah, how can I compare Kuching and KL?  I’ve been to KL, but not lately.. so, the different in KL’s physical look is kind of overwhelming.

The MNRC was tiring.  There was so much to do within a limited time.  Contingents from the Peninsular of Malaysia brought in loads of props for their booth, and my team only bought in their robot (which we call MUSICO), and a few posters.  Even so, surprisingly, my team managed to get no 9.  Placed 9 out of the whole of Malaysia which has 13 states isn’t bad after all, kan?  I was expecting for the worst to be honest, especially when I realized how humble my team’s robot was.

Badluck also followed the Sarawak contingent throughout this MNRC 2009.  I was told that some teams (including mine) had their budget withheld or cut down, the Kuching side teams had the flights delayed coming to KL, and the most bizarre one was having our Putrajaya based bus driver getting lost in KL while looking for the Brisdale Hotel, and also the National Science Center (MOSTI).

Anyway, the robot below by SM Sains Sabah was one of my favourite.  It drew objects automatically once it detected the shape.

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Other teams had robots which did Micheal Jackson’s ‘moon-walk’, some did a musical fountain, while some created robots which could play traditional music automatically.  Most of the projects on display were nothing short of impressive and unique.

I failed in my bid to go to Bukit Bintang to look for some personal stuff I wanted to buy, but the the whole Sarawak contingent did manage to organize a short visit to Putrajaya.  As usual, we took photos of iconic buildings around Putrajaya.  Anyway, setting aside the formal attitude, my robotics team decided to get a special photo to mark our trip to KL and Putrajaya.  As they did this…

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I came out with my very own version…

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but most importantly, Robotics for this year is done, and completed.. so till next year.. it’s now time to chill and relax… and I’m planning to start that with the movie Surrogate at MBO Cinema.  Anyone wanna join?  American pays.. hehehe


  1. I take Kuching anytime over any cities in Malaysia! 🙂 tahniah dpt no.9, way better than no.13, right?

    Thanks Ms Cofee.. yes, 9 is better than 13… Thankfully!! Kuching is the best. Yeahhhhh!!

  2. Hey Cyril,
    Nothing beats Kuching !! KL may be huge, but the traffic jam, the unhealthy air, the traumatic lifestyle and extremely high living cost just cut down everything else that is exciting to near zero.
    Ok I admit I am homesick ahahah.. this time its my real home Kuching.

    Hehehe.. I wanted to contact you when I was in KL the other day, but was really busy. I was only free after midnight.. so maybe next time lah..

    ANyway, I miss KL coz there is so much to do there. I guess, once a while going to KL is nice. Staying there is.. not in my books la..Kuching is still the best.

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