The Malaysian original jersey


There are only two teams I’d splurge to buy a jersey, with one of them being Sarawak as you have read here, and the other being Malaysia.  When I mean ‘splurge’, I mean spend money to buy the kits aka jersey.  This basically means, I’m getting the original kit.

The problem with Malaysian kit is that it gets sold out very fast, regardless of how many stores I’ve approached.  Fact is, the price is not a deterrent for people to buy it because the national jersey only gets refreshed with a new design every four years.  That’s a good enough reason to save up and buy original for best comfort!

But this time around, I came prepared, and when they announced the new kit for the coming AFF tournament, I used a contact to help me get the jerseys which just arrived in Kuching this week.

..because my country deserves to be worn in original colours.
My Malaysian jersey

Thanks to Donovan for helping me get this jersey and chipping in as he said is ‘a present for my January birthday’.

To the question why I buy original for both Malaysia and Sarawak, well, it’s merely because the teams I love most, must be worn in original.  Don’t you think so?


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