The new beginning…


The world didn’t end in 2012, did it? Well, you are reading this entry, so that’s proof.

The title may not be that appropriate because I started ‘a new beginning’ way before 2013, but for the sake of it being a new year, let’s just say it’s the best title for this post.

2012 had concluded, and it was a wild, yet ‘eye opening’ ride. When you have so much ‘shit’ going on in your life, it really takes quit a huge chunk of ‘shit’ to make you realize what you really want in life.

That said, priorities come to light, and those who matter to you appear more clearly. Activities which seemed ‘cool’ somehow, turn out to be less appealing, and more homely stuff like having a small ‘by-invitation’ only barbeque seem to be more interesting.

Time seemed to be more precious as days go by, making me wonder if I can sustain this sort of hectic lifestyle as age catches me by. Uhhhh… I’m already talking like this at my current age., it makes me wonder how I’d sound when I’m 50!

Anyway, with most things in my life somehow falling into place, there is every indication that my life is set to change again soon, with my house nearing its completion, and plans to make my huge move into the new house set and locked.  What comes next is anyone’s guess, but your guess might be right =P

Well, surprisingly, this ‘new beginning post’ is painfully hard to write, and so I think I’ll just have to stop right here and now.

Before I go, here to the New Year!



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