The Silhouette Guinness Christmas Main Course


Guinness Stout

When it comes to anything related to beer, I have to salute Guinness Stout, or better known as Stout locally.  They not only have a unique taste, but also rate among the best beer one can have.  This Christmas, I think they are happy to announce the arrival of a new ‘partner’ to their long history of beer with the introduction of the Guinness Gravy.

Lamb Chop with Guinness Gravy

I know.. Now you guys are probably going “Aaaahhh??” But I am serious, and I would easily rate the Guinness Stout Gravy above my favorite Black Papper Sauce.  The combination of the gravy with a well grilled lamb proved fantastic with a pint of Guinness Stout.  In fact, the Lamb Chop with Guinness Stout Gravy proved so delicious that Ron had to order another set to satisfy the hungry bloggers which consist of Irene, Anna, Amiey, Fahlee and I. Hasnol of Silhouette eventually had to add more gravy to our table because the gravy finished faster than the lamb =P Told you the gravy was fantastic!

Beef Stew with Guinness Gravy

Well, also in the dining list was Beef Stew which also came with a custom made Gravy of Guinness Stout, and despite the ‘spicy’ as in ‘herby’ taste, the beef was tender and soft. I admit, I am not hugely a beef person, but this dish must have something special to it, because I couldn’t keep my spoon out of the plate which had the Beef Stew.

I think, there isn’t much point for me to tell how the whole dinner was, because taste is subjective to an individual. But if you are craving Lamb Chop, and Beef Stew, why not head on to Silhouette at tHe Spring, Kuching and try out these two meals. The Lamb Chop in particular will not disappoint you, and the price is only RM35 per serving, and if I’m not mistaken it comes with a pint of Guinness Draught!! I think that’s cheaper than most places in town!

Silhouette, the Spring held by 'The Finger'

With that said, I’d like to thank SHIOK Magazine, Guinness and Silhouette for inviting me to taste out these two new additions to the Guinness family. And, just in case you were wondering, Silhouette opens from 11am-1am daily, but their kitchen closes at 10pm, unless you make special arrangements by calling +6082-232662. This Christmas main course will only be served until end of December 2009 (if I’m not wrong), so if you want to try the special Guinness gravy, go there fast.


  1. Hmmm, I remember one of the nights when I cooked in Perth for my housemates, I decided to do something crazy and made a chicken (or was it pork) meal with a can of beer. Must have been exam stress ahahahah…. we do random stuff at stressful times.
    I could not remember what beer it was, must have been Heineken I reckon.
    It turned out surprisingly good, and my housemates finished every bit of the dish.

    I was also told similar stories by my ex-lecturer. He said, when he was in USM, he mixed matched practically every possible maggi flavor to get a new unique one because he was bored with the same maggi taste.

  2. must try to cook the stew using beer stout.
    i normally use chinese rice wine to do the gravy.

    Same with my mum.. most of her dishes are Chinese and Bidayuh infused cuisine, which I find fantastic!


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