The reliable pregnancy test


A few months back, while taking a visiting pastor from Singapore on a ride back from a luncheon on a Sunday afternoon, and bidding our goodbyes, the pastor whispered to Dinah, my wife; “I have a feeling you are expecting”.

She smiled, and so did I upon hearing that because Dinah and I knew that there had been no signs of morning sickness so far, which is usually an indication that one is pregnant.

Dinah however was always sleepy, and seemed more tired than usual, but I thought that had everything to do with her day at work, and the upcoming events she would be organizing.

Until a couple of weeks ago, Dinah decided to secretly do a pregnancy test using one of those RM16 sticks you could find at the pharmacy, and told me immediately upon obtaining the result.

POSITIVE! That was what two lines on the pregnancy test showed, and it claimed the test was 99% accurate. But then, we didn’t want to put up hopes because there were cases when these test were inaccurate so we decided to do another three more test a week later (last week), with me doing the so called ‘control test’, because I’m such an amazing teacher who loves science =P

Two weeks forward, and the day came with the two sticks used by Dinah yielding the same result (Positive), and mine was a negative. This was by far the most confirmed case of the test, but we weren’t going to jump just yet because it has yet to be confirmed by a doctor, and a close friends wedding is coming soon.

Nonetheless, I immediately instagram-ed my stick, and there were plenty of theories under the comment section. My wife and I had fun reading the comments, and we thank and appreciate everyone leaving a comment and trying to help out. We also apologize for the cheesy photo gimmick, just in case you feel offended. It was just one of those days I wanted to see reactions to a negative result on the pregnancy test.

What happened when I pee-ed on a stick =)
What happened when I pee-ed on a stick =)

Well, with pregnancy a huge deal towards a women’s body, we immediately scheduled an appointment with the nearest hospital to confirm that ‘junior’ is coming because we do not want to just rely on a ‘self-done’ test to confirm something, and if its true, we’d like to know what we can and can’t do. That said, let’s hear what the expert has to say =)

The visit to the doctor was brief, but it confirmed that Dinah was now about 10 weeks pregnant, and that her favourite sushi dish is practically off the table for at least seven more months (yay! to both! hehehe.. I am not a fan of sushi =P )

Some of the future uncles and aunts
Some of the future uncles and aunts

We planned to only let the news out after Rodz & Diana’s wedding, but well… good news was always bound to leak out, and so it just did that same day and with calls and text messages started coming in as word spread.  A few friends were really excited as this would be the first child in the group, and they would be instant uncles and aunts to this boy/girl.

SoooOOooo… looks like a new life chapter will come this coming December, and I am quite glad the due date of the baby is in December. It lets me have more ‘family time’ with my wife and child because I want to be there every step.

Booyeeahhhhh!! Daddy material =P
Booyeeahhhhh!! Daddy material =P

….but hey, guess what, I’m gonna be a father soonn!!


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