The right time to get glasses


I’ve always been somewhat proud that I have good vision. While some of my friends sharing similar age have started wearing glasses, I’ve somewhat managed to stay without any eye-aids for quite a while.

However, this year when I was going to watch Sarawak play at Stadium Negeri, I’ve been having difficulty watching the game. I constantly find myself asking the person beside me about who scored, who fell, and who was yellow carded especially when things are happening at the other end of the pitch.

At night, driving becomes a little more dangerous when I encounter a traffic light because I can’t see the traffic light countdown counter so I hesitate to either speed or slow down. Most of the time, I slow down because I can’t recognize the figures.

The inability to recognize numbers from a distance was the last straw. If I can’t see perfectly, I can’t enjoy my football games, and I can’t drive well at night. That’s dangerous.

So, on one fine day, I decided to head to a local optics store to get my eyes checked. The results, as said by the sales girl to me, were satisfactory, and she claimed “You should not wear glasses, or your eyesight would get worst”.

Happy, but at the same time confused, I left the shop.

But I still couldn’t see well and the problems I mentioned above persisted with my eyes constantly getting irritated or tired after driving or watching football. It made no sense!
Glasses 2
With the problem far from resolved, I decided to go to another shop, and this time an optometrist attended to me. After a brief check, she concluded that I needed glasses, and asked me to go into the ‘dark room’ for further checking.

The results obviously showed I needed a pair of glasses, and so without hesitation, I bought myself the ones you see below.
Glasses 3
Not exactly the best glasses our there, but this was the only one that looks okay on me. The rest I tried made me look weird. Trust me.

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