The ‘Sakai’ Post

Well… for the next few days, this is the view I will be enjoying…

KLCC and KL Tower

Will spend a huge amount of time at MOSTI for the next couple of days before flying home.  I also plan to get my favorite perfume when from Eraman, regardless of its price.

Seriously, this place is really different from what I remembered.  Even my colleague whom is accompanying me agrees on this statement.  Feel kind of ‘sakai’ looking and saying ‘wahhhh…’… ‘uuhhhhhh…’ and ‘wooowwww!!’

Even went to a school in Putrajaya upon arrival, and found out how massive it is.  Managed to capture a ‘silly’ photo with the Sarawakian contingent.  You know-lah… when you work ‘overseas’, you don’t get much time to spend traveling due to high cost and bad timing holidays.

Okaylah… time to doze off… Had no more than 3 hours of sleep a day since the last 3 days. *yawn*

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