The spare change magic

All the spare cash in a bag.

Bummer right? After a post which had 37 comments (probably one of my most commented post to date), I ran out of ideas on what to write about, or what can I explore in a blog post.

At times, I do come up with a blog entry, just to delete it because it felt so lame, boring and stagnant. My worry is always you will all die before your read the last paragraph. Yep, was worried the entry would be darn boring you’d actually pass out and suffer a slow death.

Ohhh… but I do have something to tell today. It’s about saving and money.

All the spare cash in a bag.
All the spare cash in a bag.

You know how we always have spare change (coins) after going out to buy something, or after a days work?

You don’t? Well, I do, and I have this habit of collecting them in one spot convenient for me for future emergency use. The ammount collected when I do change the coins into paper money can surprise me, but it’s suffice to say, I’ve weathered some very rainy days thanks to this habit during my University years, and I am proud I keep doing it.

Now, about eight or so months ago, my ‘otter-half’ and I started this ‘fund’ which consist of our spare change. Every now and then, coins would go in this ‘fund’ which was meant for the Phuket trip we were planning a few months back.

Well, we ended up not using the ‘fund’ because we didn’t have time to change the coins into bank notes which were easier to carry.

Anyway, fast forward two months after that, and we decided to cash it out for some other reason, which shall remain a secret.

The specially selected can.
The specially selected can.

But, seriously, after almost 8 months keeping spare change in the specially selected can, I am pleased to announce that there’s about more than RM600 in there!

Cool right? We were literally saving without knowing it!

Sorting out the spare change in different plastic bags
Sorting out the spare change in different plastic bags

So, if you have a plan to go somewhere next year, time to create a fund from spare change. Our fund for next years trip is starting again today!

Next proposed destinations are The Philippines, Vietnam and maybe Singapore =)


  1. one good habit itu….
    My hubby has one old tong duit made of kayu inherited from his late father. The one use in a kedai masa dulu-dulu. Will share the photo of that cabinet one of this day… He would put his change there every now and then. And he said he will tukar them bila dia pencen! We had tukar a few times, and it came out to 500-600 ringgits too….:)

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