The Suprise Party


I don’t like to gloat on my birthday, but this year was somewhat special because it was different. I was somewhat tricked by a bunch of good friends to have me wearing a crown, and singing my lungs out at Kbox Kuching. And what a pleasant surprise it was.

It all start with Kee Man asking me out for dinner with Looi Chin on my birthday at Gasoline, The Spring. He said ‘It’s my treat’, and I agreed without suspecting anything because despite of that being my birthday, I don’t expect anyone to remember it, particularly since Kee Man invited me a few days before my birthday. Kee Man also added that it was to discuss about something in regards to the Sarawak Bloggers, and so… I was all in. I also thought I should have brought my netbook so that discussions could be made better, but decided otherwise as my netbook was low on juice due to it being used during a meeting that evening. Before I left, Amiey reminded me to juice up my HTC HD7.

Anyway, I arrived at Gasoline at 7, had my dinner on Kee Man’s tabs, and all of a sudden… Kee Man said “Bro, Rodz just called, he wants us to meet him in KBoX“. My reply was a spontaneous “How on earth does he know you are here?“, and Kee Man just said “Dunno“.. while asking me how to get to KboX. Looi Chin was quiet as usual… and so we went up to kBox.

Upon arrival, Kee Man lead the way, heading straight to the usher, and the continued on to one of the rooms. This somehow looked weird, but I figured Rodz must have tipped off the usher about Kee Man arrival, and hence all 3 of us allowed to go meet a friend in the room.

The room looked dark, and upon my entry… this happened: (LINK TO FACEBOOK VIDEO)

Yup… I was seriously stunned & speechless because it was the least of my expectations. I even forgot to make a wish before I blew the candle.

After the cake cutting and the gifts… it was karaoke all the way with songs in Chinese, Malay and English being in the list. In fact, we had a good dose of KRU, Peterpan, Jay Chou, MLTR, Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Linkin Park and many more. I even asked Amiey if she knew anything about the whole thing, in which she said it was all planned out in advance. No wonder she asked me to juice up my HD7.

The presents I got…

Well, it was indeed a wonderful surprise, and I’d love to thank Mike Cheng, Rodney, Kee Man, Looi Chin, Fahri, Andre, Amiey, Cik Adek (Eve), and Norman Goh for a wonderful surprise party. You guys rocked my 28th Birthday. DEFINITELY!


  1. Dude, looks like it was a pure blast for you on your birthday !! How I envy you ahahaha.
    I am sure everyone had an awesome time. It was rather interesting after all those hiccups and obvious signs, you still took in by surprise !! This shows how much you do trust your friends, and believe in them (without second guessing too much of their intentions). A rare, but very noble trait.

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