The Want and Need list

Christmas is just around the corner,  and so is my wedding anniversary, my birthday, Valentine’s Day, my work anniversary, and so many excuses to get a present, or buy a present for myself.

In life, there’s two things when it comes to buying something, which is you buy something you want, or you buy something you need.

Something you need is items you must have and can’t live without because they are important.  It is likely one would want and will be willing to spend more just to get it because it is vital to doing a job or living.

Items you want are things you don’t exactly need, but would be nice to have anyway, best to get for presents during occasions.

The whole conversation about things one wants vs things one needs came up when I was talking to Kim, a long time friend over lunch.

Coincidentally, Mix FM also had a community broadcast message about this, asking listeners to create a list of want and needs to ensure we don’t over shop.

Well, they (Mix FM) is right if the list is private, but if say….  I put it up here, for the public to see…  it basically becomes a great place ce to see what one could get me for a coming occasion like *cough* Christmas,  and my bithday which are really soon…


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