This 2008 Batch

Obviously, its November, and in a month plus from now, it would be new year… and 2009 would be the new digits we have to get use to when filling in dates.  At these few weeks left of 2008, I just can’t help but ponder over these batch of students which are would be leaving school life, and moving into the ‘cruel’ world.

Maybe you’d wonder why I tend to use the word ‘cruel’ to refer to the world outside school?  Ehmmm.. I guess its because the world is a place where so many things will not happen if you do not have that thing we call ‘survival’, and looking at those teenagers in school… I do wonder whether they are actually ready to face all this shit waiting for them.  I know by fact that I have left school 8 years ago, and still… I do still find difficulty handling all those crap and shit thrown at me *sigh*

Anyway, this post is about this batch of students leaving my work place by the end of November 2008.  They are about 150 of them, and frankly, I’ve only taught about 50 of them, while the others were acquainted to me some how along my journey as an educator.

Last year, I did teach one form 5 class, and yet… the feeling was not the same.  Didn’t really feel that attached despite being with them till their last day in school.  This year, I’m teaching none of the Form 5 classes, and yet… I have this ‘hole’ in my heart which says “I’m gonna miss these guys“.

Ya..ya.. call me sentimental.  If I were to cry even, what’s it to you?? Hurgghhhh!!!

Errr… I honestly don’t know what to say.  This batch has been more than students to me, they are friends.  I know, there is an age gap, and there is the invincible student-teacher line.

But I guess, the best heart felt moment for me was when some of them actually took the trouble to came up to me and say; “Cikgu, thanks for everything, and sorry for any wrong-doings… and wish us luck for our exams“.  I know it may be a small deal for some (or them), but for me, its something huge because, I do not feel I have done much for them… and I don’t teach any of them formally this year.  I mean, these kind of things are normally meant for the teachers currently teaching them in Form 5, and well… if you’ve never taught them, it’s near to zero to get such words out from them, especially with students these days.

Kind of feel sad writing this post, and I am now really out of words.  I guess, what I’m trying to say is “I wish you guys luck in your SPM, and all your future undertakings“… and I really hope you guys can achieve the best in what you do…

c-ya guys around!!!!

p/s: The pics are mostly of those in Form 5 this year… and I apologize I can’t upload all of you guys faces here. 😛  Anyway, here’s a song which would bring back memories for us.

kisah mula dulu kala
bila hati jatuh cinta
ku terkenang raut wajah
bila pejam mata

tawa jiwa ubat duka
tringat dikau yg disana
lagu ini khas ku gubah
utk mu oo syg

hatiku mulai bosan (bosan)
rinduku pada mu bulan (bulan)
kemudiannya ku datang…

ku sangka dikau riang (riang)
rupanya harapku pulang (pulang)
bulan lapan di sandakan..

bulan lapan di sandakan x3

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