Travel tips: How I find cheap hotel deals worldwide

It’s no secret that I’ve been travelling the world, or at least South East Asia in the past few years. Some believe that such travel cost a lot, but with proper planning, it really doesn’t cost as much.

In fact, compared to many who travel, I tend to go about in style, taking hotel stays at amazing four to five star hotels, at a fraction of the price.

Many I know, go on their trips on a shoe string budget, and stay at budget hotels and hostels. I can’t do that anymore as I have a family, and sometimes, cheap unknown hotels do come with some risk of it being dodgy, but I’m not saying this in general.

Well, the secret to finding the best hotel deals at the best rates is by using the search engine below.

Here, I get to scout for the best deals available, as the search covers not only several top known hotel searching sites, but also the deals provided by the hotel itself.

By using the app, I can scan not less than 10 other sites (I’m not sure how many travel sites they scan, but it’s a lot!), and I get to pick and choose which deal suits my budget. On top of that, I don’t need to even come out with a cent extra as deals go directly to me.

On a good day, this hotel search engine, known as HotelsCombined, also offers special discounts if you use this link.

This is so much better than some other app or hotel site which claims to compare hotel deals, but actually only compares hotel prices with affiliate hotels and sites.

So, if you are interested to check out a hotel deal, why not try this search engine above. A little saving here and there, would give you more to spend on at your destination.

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