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I’m not sure if any of you know this, but I have had this blog called ‘KuchingBorneo’ for like years.  It started off in 2011, and now, six years running, I’m finally focusing more attention to it, and turning it into a niche blog, which is travel and tourism.

Initially, when I registered the domain KuchingBorneo.info, I figured it should be an information site about Kuching (hence the uncommon ‘.info’ extension), focusing on local destinations in Kuching, including properties and development.  The name Borneo was included because I thought (at that time) Borneo was more prominent than ‘Malaysia’.

Part of the KuchingBorneo new layout

Well, fast forward after being in the industry for years, I’ve come to realize that the name doesn’t carry much weight if your content sucks, and I’ve not been posting regularly in KuchingBorneo, hence the dismal traffic and attention. Also, the ‘Borneo’ isn’t as prominent as ‘Malaysia’ or ‘Sarawak’.

It didn’t help that I had a football blog called SarawakCrocs which needed more work and attention, and was performing so well. I started SarawakCrocs in 2013 and I am proud to say that it now has a good fan base and following.  With the success of SarawakCrocs, I had little time for KuchingBorneo, as a sports blog like SarawakCrocs needed to be frequently updated, and I was ready to abandon it.

In 2016, I however started thinking of KuchingBorneo and its potential.  It made me realize that I’ve been doing it all wrong when it came to a travel information blog, and I needed to really focus KuchingBorneo if I wanted it to succeed like SarawakCrocs.  That’s when I decided to simply focus KuchingBorneo on tourism and travel.

I started posting more tourism articles and updates and further enhanced the site with stories of places I’ve been to, and change the whole look of the layout entirely.  This worked as strangers started leaving text messages asking how I could review their place or services, but I always declined because I didn’t have the time.  Not being able to actually fill up KuchingBorneo due to other commitments was a setback on my efforts to re-invent KuchingBorneo, but this year, things changed because I found a way I could address this, which is by sending a close friend to represent me.

In efforts to further strengthen the site and its presence, today, I invited several hundred of friends to LIKE my KuchingBorneo Facebook page, and I rarely do this, unless I am dead serious about making something happen.  Most of the time, I invite a handful and allow the page to grow organically.

I see that the site will continue to grow in the next few months, and I am hoping to reach at least 10K Likes on Facebook by year end.

If you are reading this, please also feel free to LIKE MY KUCHINGBORNEO page on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram as well.

I promise, I’ll keep things worthwhile for your LIKE and follow.  Thanks in addddvannceeee!!


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