U Bistro Kuching Western food review


Not many know of U Bistro, a small but cosy dining place tucked just beside the Malaysia Airlines building in the Kuching City Centre.

I knew about this place from a person who believes in the power of social media, and wanted to engage bloggers to taste her food. The first meeting took place with Rodz, Jacq, Dinah and I paying (Rodz actually paid), but we were given a free cup of coffee when we decided to stay longer.

Anyway, if there is any place which would give BCCK a good run for it’s money, then this is the place. Don’t be fooled by it’s size because the food here is some amazing ‘shit’, that you’d come back for more.

I had a chance to taste what they had to offer, and I am glad to say that this tiny bistro has exceeded my expectations.

The highlights were the western cuisine,and it definitely didn’t disappoint me. I don’t know about you, but what I had was not only affordable, delicious, but also generous in size.

The dish above for example cost you only RM22, and it comes with one of the best mild-cooked lamb ever. The lacking of black pepper sauce somewhat disappointed me, but I was later made to understand it is available upon request.

Next on the menu was grilled chicken. While the chicken was done nicely, and not too overcooked, I have to be honest that there was something missing in the dish. Probably my custom to enjoy chicken with a good dose of chillies got the best of me, but nonetheless, an amazing grilled chicken.

Sirloin steak followed, and despite the reddish cuttings, I thought it was rather too well done, prompting me to tell the manager, Anthea that it would be perfect if it was half done. She later explained that her waiters would actually ask next time to know their customers preference. That’s good.

I was also served salad, but there’s nothing much to say about greens because they all taste largely the same regardless who serves them. The key word would be ‘healthy’.

Now, when we talk about pizza, not many does it right. Previously, there was this place known as Silhouette in the Spring which served some of the best pizzas, but they closed down. A sister outlet claiming to serve similar pizzas in the Spring failed to live up to my expectations, and so the search for ‘the best pizza’ in Kuching continues on for year, until I tried the ones at U Bistro.

The pepperoni pizza just had enough of everything to make it not only splendid, but also too good to be true. I don’t say this often, but THIS place serves the best pepperoni pizza ever! You really gotta try it to believe it! I know I crave the pizza every now and then, so yeah… that says a lot.

Okay, here’s some bits that people may not know about U Bistro. They serve large portions, and low prices. I’m sure you’ve heard that way too often, but here, it’s huge. If you order the lamb, it serves two easily. The beer is cheaper than other places, and the food is cooked without oil. The oil you see in the dishes are originally from the meat cooked, so I was told.

I would love to go on and on about what I enjoyed at this new bistro, but I think you have to be the judge of that yourself.

For me, I’m definitely coming back because the pepperoni pizza and lamb is ‘to die for’.

NOTE: The food review above is correct when I visited the place. It may differ when you go yourself.


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