Useless Blogging


I found out that some people claim that blogging is useless.  They claim it’s wasting time and brings no benefits.

I disagree.

The mix

Blogging has improved my networking by leaps. I’ve made new friends and while I’m at it all, I’ve met lots of wonderful people from different walks of life. The proof? Easy… when I have breakfast, I have a lecturer, a researcher, an accountant, a student, a soon to be nurse, a soon to be politician/lawyer, an engineer, a sales exec, a photographer and many more… all at one table, sharing stories and laughter. To sweeten the deal, the mix of people is of different ethnic groups, yes including Bidayuh, Melanau, Malays, Ibans, Chinese etc.

While it is not really a motivation for me, but I do earn some cash from blogging.  It pays for my hosting bills, and does also pay for my electricity bills for up to 3 months.  Here’s a tip: The longer you keep your domain name active, the more you could earn.  Also, proper advert placing is important, and yes.. branding your blog!

Thirdly, I notice I am more concern about my language when I blog.  While many bloggers may not notice it, but blogging does make you conscious about English (if you do blog in English) because you’d want your readers to get you message accurately.

Fourthly, blogging is good for expressing yourself, but yeah… there is boundaries you should adhere. For instance, I have my own self regulation and ethics in blogging. It omits me from any possible trouble.

Sarawak Bloggers New Logo

Last but not least, it makes you heard. I know, my blog is rather unknown if compared to many, but at the very least… I get my voice out there, and sometimes the right people do stumble upon my blog. I had researchers from outside contacting me about the Bidayuhs, and I was also asked to go on a phone interview by ASTRO AWANI on the PPSMI issue. There are also several other incidents where I am contacted by certain people in regards to my opinions on certain local issues, but let’s keep that confidential. If you think you want to make a larger impact, there’s always huge online blogging communities like the Sarawak Bloggers =P

So, is blogging useless? I doubt it. If it’s anything, it’s definitely something good, and well… if you must say it, it promotes the idea of ONE MALAYSIA. It’s basic fundamentals in which blogging is basically color blind.

p/s: I also forgot to mention, blogging is a good way to earn votes. Proof you may ask? Well, look at how well PKR and DAP scored in the last general elections? They spread their propaganda using blogs, and took Malaysia by storm. If it weren’t for them, you won’t have a blog called ‘1Malaysia‘ today. =P


  1. that’s a stupid remark made by stupid ppl who do not blog/read blog. i love reading online diary and i believe that we do have freedom to speak up your mind and i salute those who have the b**ls to pen their thoughts online (the pen is mightier that the sword) so kudos to you sarawak bloggers!

  2. Yes, i do agree that blogging let your voices heard. When i was still blogging under platform, i’ve voiced my concern about the issue on changing Bahasa Melayu to Bahasa Malaysia and vice versa. It was purely written from the heart. Even one of the key person who raised up this issue visited my site. Few months after that, it was finalized that it is Bahasa Malaysia in 2007. Although I know, it definitely wasn’t because of my blog but somehow I feel my opinion was taken into consideration with many others in the country.

  3. Agreed. Wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ve met many good people through blogging and I don’t intend to change that. Speaking of which, didn’t we meet through blogging? 😀

  4. Keep blogging Cyril. Someday you will be known too, trust me. 🙂

    I used to get comments like that in my earlier blogging days. Disagreed and continued to blog. If I did disappear once in a while it was for personal reasons. BUt who cares what people think, it is our own time, not theirs.

    Eh, what’s with the picture holding the Airasia ticket slip? haha.

  5. Hear Ye Hear Ye….the master has spoken 🙂 Blogging will be here to stay no worries, only that the latest technology of blogging be it via text or video will revolutionize the way we blog 🙂

    • Yes bro. So true… js don’t it when people associate blogging with negativity all the time. I mean, it’s fine that some people are not blogging, but there is no reason to scold and look down on those who do.

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