Birthday Post: When I Was 26

I’ll go straight to the chase.

I turn 27 today. Yes, it’s MY birthday.

Nothing much to shout about the change of my age, but I guess it would be proper for me to reflect back on what has been going on with me when I was still 26.  It sort of like an annual thing I do, like what I did when I finished 25 years of living on this planet last year.

I think, it would be suffice for me to put down the top 10 things which I think is worth to mention.

Breeze Magazine Kuching Launch was really something.  The group Groove Company did a very nice rendition of Jason Myraz’s I’m Yours. Still prefer their version to the original one.

Meeting and shaking hands with Tun Mahathir at the Global Malaysia Business Forum was priceless. Thank you to Glenreagh Sdn Bhd! Made good friends with a lot of nice people during this event.

The family trip to Borneo Highlands was something my family has not done for years, and I have to say the barbecue pork I did during that trip was fantastic  =P

BTN and the Induction Course I attended ended on a sweet note. Made a lot of new friends, and has lots of fun. Actually felt sad it had to end.

Became a Malaysian organ donor. Figure that my organs are useless to me if I’m dead. I know my dad wasn’t really thrilled when I told him about it, but he didn’t object.

My robotics team represented Sarawak for the National Competition in KL. Didn’t do well, but it is a great achievement by my standards.

2 friends tied the not officially this year (Shirley and Siriya). A clear sign my friends are moving the right direction. Congrats girls! BTW, Arthur, when you get the 3rd Arthur Junior, then you can pop ‘the question‘..heheehe.. so better hurry the production line.

Organized the BLOGGERS@RWMF’09 which brough together bloggers from Kuching, Miri and KK. It was fun, and it was FUN!!! Hope to do it again this year.

Became a model for Willie Photography and Bello-photography. The photo’s turned out great, but it’s all thanks to these two photographers. It was a great experience for myself. never knew modeling is THAT demanding.

Made my very first Business card. It looked neat when I first designed it, but somehow looked to ‘immature’ when I already had it printed.

I guess that wraps up my 26th year alive on this beautiful planet. I’m looking forward to my 27th year, but from the looks of it, it seems to be a busy year ahead. But well, think positive, and on I move.

Oh ya, 27 is just a number =)

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