When Sasa gets sick


Sasa has been not well for the past weeks. At first, she had fever, accompanied by flu, and then cough, but then she became healthy for a couple of days.

Suddenly, there was a relapse, with her body temperature shooting to 39.4 degrees, with her shivering. This was the first time she became sick in such a way, forcing us to bring her to the hospital to seek medical attention.

The visit was largely due to her not wanting us to use whatever method that was typically used to cool one’s body down, which includes using a wet cloth to bring down her temperature, drinking plenty of fluid, and taking coconut juice.

At one point, I had to tell her the wet cloth for cooling her body was for me, putting it on my chest so she had no option but to lie on it when she wanted me to carry her.

After the visit to the emergency room (it was after office hours when we went), her temperature went down but she is still having severe cough and a slight flu.

Her fever has since subsided but the worry now is her cough as she tends to cough so hard, she vomits at night.

I looked up ‘toddler vomiting after coughing at night‘ online, and the suggestions were scary. Most said it was asthma, but I am still very much adamant to believe it’s not asthma as she only gets this  way (vomits when coughing so hard) when she’s sick.

My mum said it was common for toddlers to vomit when coughing as they can’t remove the phlegm, but still, those words are not reassuring to me.

For now, I’m largely monitoring Sasa and have ordered a house wide ‘no ice cream or cold drinks‘ at home or outside, until Sasa gets well enough.

Because really, when your little one gets sick, everything stalls and every effort is made to get them better.

Most of the time, as a parent, you just wish you could transfer her sickness to your own self so that you could see her well again.

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