Why I’d love to go back to Krabi, and skip Phuket entirely


Krabi might not be on everyone’s first list when they decide to go to Thailand because this less promoted beach destination is somewhat overshadowed by Phuket Island, which boast of a nightlife everyone seems to want to experience at least once.

Streets of Ao Nang

I’ve been to Phuket twice and commercialism has taken the best away from the island.

Krabi on another hand is less hectic, less busy and more family oriented than Phuket. The people, like anywhere in Thailand, are generally polite and nice, but compared to those in Phuket, they do seem to be more sincere in their hospitality.

One part of Krabi town at night

While Phuket has all the ‘artificial parties’, Krabi gives you a more relaxed environment, best for those seeking to enjoy a real vacation. I found myself enjoying the hotel I stayed in, with the pool being one of my best friend as it was overlooking the magnificent Ao Nang cliffs. It was such a spectacle, just being able to enjoy such a view.

The hotel pool. This was overlooking the garden.
The hotel pool. This was overlooking the garden.

But of course, if you want to party, there are several nightspots around, but I noticed most were offering live acoustic music, which is something I enjoy most. I’ve passed those rowdy ‘cucuk langit’ kind of entertainment. Nowadays, I like sipping my liquor with good music playing in front of me.

Bars in Krabi are more relaxed
Bars in Krabi are more relaxed

In terms of food, Krabi offers something similar to Phuket. The only difference is that prices are well displayed, and you only need to find your preferred spot to dine. Food is also relatively cheaper compared to Phuket.

Meals in Krabi. Portion can be small, but it comes with the relatively cheap prices
Meals in Krabi. Portion can be small, but it comes with the relatively cheap prices

When it comes to transportation, you are likely not to need one as everything within the Ao Nang area is within a walking distance. If you wanted to go to Krabi Town, it may take you an hour or so, but there’s little to see and do in the town itself as the malls are also pretty small. I would however recommend the Night Market which was simply mind-blowing clean and interesting.

Speaking of the night market, souvenir shopping is best kept for the Krabi night market as prices are cheaper, and you can still bargain for less.  The market is also so much more organized and cleaner than any night market I’ve seen in my life. To top it off, there was so much to see, do, and buy! It is also a street food heaven! – I would advice you to charter a driver for your trip to and from the market.

The famed Krabi Night market
The famed Krabi Night market

Going to the beach however can be quite a disappointment as the Ao Nang Beach somewhat equals Phuket’s Patong beach, in which both are equally not great for relaxing. You can definitely find better options if you ventured to other beaches nearby.

Krabi beach at night: It's a boat parking place
Krabi beach at night: It’s a boat parking place

Regardless however, I enjoyed my five day stay at Krabi, and felt bumped out that the holiday had to end. Yes, it did seem like I didn’t have much to do, but it was one of those really relaxing vacations I wanted.

View from the hotel
View from the hotel

And oh, I paid a very good (as in cheap) price for the hotel I stayed in when in Krabi, the Marina Express Fisherman Hotel, Ao Nang.  The hotel was comfortable, and the service was great too!


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