Work.. work.. work..


It’s that time of the year for me.  I’m not only rushing to do stuff, but pressured to do so.  Work is at it’s worst.  I’m very extremely busy with all this shit, and I have to do it all alone.  It suck.  I wish I had assistance.  Why can’t I just do my core business, and let the paper work be done by others?

Yeah, I know.. I should dream on.  It’s not going to happen.  At least not for this year.

Anyway, I have been using friendster to reach to my classes within these few months.  It’s been beneficial, but yeah.. I’m staring at the possibility of closing my friendster down.  Just like what I did with Facebook.  Not really into all this social network things anymore.  Been there, done that.. and now, bored of that… I’ve got my blog anywhere…

Plus, I still don’t get why some people would add anybody on these social networks.  For friendship?  Yeah right.  I don’t see it that way.  Especially if you only know 10% of the hundreds of friends you have on these social network.  Again.. I hit on these poor guys.. hahaha…

I skipped Manok’s a.k.a Bryan Einstein’s birthday wedding despite vigorous invitations by my second cousin, Valarie.  It was held in Serian, and ahh.. it was too far.  I need to get so much done this weekend.  You can say, I’m practically sleeping with my work now.  I don’t even have time to go blog jumping, but I try when I can.. or.. when I’m tired starring at my work.  So, I do apologize to you guys coz I don’t visit.

Anyway, congrats to Manok… and I guess, that’s all for now.  Really got no time.  Frankly, I’m tired, stressed out, and my body is aching.  Stuff happening at work have not been helpful also.  Some people just don’t know when they should just mind their own business.

Arrggghhhhhh.. humans and their busy-body-ness…. You suck, SKUNK!!


  1. no more hanging around doing nothing since you got lots of work to do…
    help you with your work later…
    no more excuses saying your work have been done… X-(

    Hehehe.. all this while manada hang around doing nothing?? hehe

  2. Why so many people say kerja gomen is relaxing? I don get it….

    Em.. I think, some people ‘spoil market’ la bro. They say that they are so relaxed.. but in fact, they are not doing their job.

  3. cdason # ilek2 sap gam …

    Tuan Deejay # it’s the bad impression that the staff at the service counter portrayed. i agree that government staff are busy but at the leadership/management level. some even tapau their work back home … not healthy at all.

    Yup.. memang rilek2 hisap gam now.. hahah


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