You want to smell something awesome? – Try fermented pork


Hey, I’m seriously out of ideas and imagination for a blog post, but I’ve got something from my moms village last week, and its something I highly recommend.

Health issues aside, the thing you see below will make you salivate so hard, you’d be running to the rice pot so that you can bask your tongue in this one of a kind Dayak dish.
eHeartCharms 002
The item is popularly known as ‘Kauk Doot’, or ‘Fermented Pork’, and it goes well with lime and those small tiny chilies, known locally as ‘cili padi’.

I bet by now those of you knowing how t taste are already salivating! – Yep, that’s how powerful it is!

And the best part is, if you fry it with some oil, you’d get your whole housing area all exotically smelly, with some cursing you because you just made them hungry.

So, want to smell something really awesome, this is it!


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