13th Teacher’s Day : Home-schooled

13th Teacher's Day

Right. This is my 13th Teacher’s Day, which means I’ve been a professional teacher for 13 years!

Time really flies. It feel like it was just yesterday I finished my Degree in Technical and Vocational Education, and yet, here I am with 13 years of experience as a teacher.

Anyway, in 13 years of being a teacher, this will be the first time that teacher’s day would likely not be celebrated in grand scale in a school I work in.

Blame it on Covid-19. The virus has been rampaging the world, and it’s scary thought knowing how schools could easily spread the schools.

Anyway, this 13th Teacher’s Day of mine is likely the first time I’ve felt like a teacher when it comes to doing my job as a teacher. This is partly due to the Covid-19 situation which forced us to work from home.

This meant that I had to prepare lessons and exercises from home, and do online teaching without the worry of doing other non-essential or non-teaching related things which I felt was kind of awesome.

I’ve always felt that there’s too many other non-essential ‘things’ being done at work, and now, it’s all striped as school goes back to basics because of Covid-19.

On another note, the start of my 13th year as a teacher didn’t go off to a great start because UNGU failed to defend our Sports Day title. Although I am not disappointed, but still, in the record books, it will go down as a ‘downgrade’.

Aside from that, I’ve also noticed ‘some people’ are starting to get on my nerves, hence making me feel a bit less motivated to go to school.

I’ve always been slightly reluctant to go to work (because aren’t we all?), but beginning last year, the school term felt extra longer than usual.

Anyway, on a positive note, I’ve decided to embrace my role as a teacher online and started this site called chegu.cyrildason.  The site is fully in Bahasa Malaysia and it will share information on subjects I teach.

This includes the subject PVMA – PPU which it is my major.  PVMA – PPU was halted last year due to licensing issues, so for it making a comeback is a huge sigh of relief as I loved teaching that subject.

I do hope more positives will happen this year so with that said, Selamat Hari Guru kepada semua warga pendidik di luar sana.

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