AAAaahhh.. I got tagged by Marg… so, I’ll answer the tag since I’m tired cleaning my ‘filthy’ house, and I’m really tired of my life at the moment.

35 Questions

1. Rate your life from 1-10 (1 being very miserable)
Probably 5… but I’m sensing its lower now…

2. Is your hair long or short?
Short, but I wish I could keep it longer.

3. Do you have many real friends?
Define ‘real friends’..

4. Name friends you last hung out with?
Emy, Jalani, Martin, David

5. Do you love chicken?
Its okay I guess… They have their moments.

6. Last three drinks you had?
Plain water, Soya Bean, Coke

7. Do you eat fish?
Sometimes.  I’m really choosy about fish dishes.

8. Do people mispronounce or spell your name incorrectly?
Its a plague.  I’ve got C-ReL, Syahril, Syiril, Cyrel and the list goes on and on. Thank God I don’t have any funny nick names.

9. Who was the last person you hugged?
Emy… hug her tyte.. kekeke..

10. Last guy you think about?
My dad probably..

11. Any food that made you smile today?
My own home blend of mango and belacan.. yummm…

12. Name one thing you have in common with your friends?
We love hanging out when we are free at work.

13. Do you trust your friends?
To some extend. My trust has to be earned and I am a private type of person.

14. How old will you be in five years?
30.  Ahh.. the big three.. I wonder what would happen to me?

15. Do you believe in love?
Yes… Like they say, love make the work go around.  I believe in that too.

16. Except for family and friends, who are you in love with?
That’s a wide huge circle… but I’ll say I love those whom respects me, and the decisions I have made.

17. Do you honestly believe you have found the right guy/girl?
Honestly, I’d love to say yes…

18. Are you someone’s best friend?
I’m not sure… you’d have to ask them.

19. Do you love music?
Yeap… I crave for music.. I live by music.

20. Last song you listened to?
Song song played during the Digi’s advert… It goes.. “Lovely day…lovely day.. lovely day..”

21. What’s the instrument you wish you were able to play?
I’d love to play any instruments coz I suck at all.

22. Who was the last person you talked to?

23. Who was the last person to call you?
My mum… and that was 2 days ago. Don’t get many calls nowadays...

24. Would you consider yourself a worrier?
I guess I am.  I worry alot.. I just can’t help it.

25. Do you consider yourself as a happy person?
I ‘d love to feel that way, most of the time..but nowadays, it seems just too difficult.

26. Do you believe in saving yourself for marriage?
Errr…. Can’t say what I believe in. It’s a guy thing.

27. Last person that pissed you off?
Pia…don’t keep secrets from me.. damn it!!

28. From whom have you missed the most calls in the last 5 days?
I don’t keep count.  Maybe its my office.

29. Who’s the first person you call when you’re having a bad day?
Emy… she’ll listen, and say “No comment” *sigh*

30. Last person who made you laugh like crazy?
Emy.. coz she was mad I didn’t want to transfer her photos to her phone.

31. Who’s your greatest inspiration in life?
Myself… because if I feel I can’t… I’ll never be able to get what I want.

32. Are you a good guesser?
I am good at sensing change.. but a good guesser, I’m not.

33. Who was the last person to sing your current favorite song and what song?
Samsons sang the song I love listening since last Saturday, which is ‘Bukan Diriku’.

34. Who makes you laugh the most?
I’d have to say Joey in the series FRIENDS. Damn I miss them.

35. What have you been telling yourself lately?
“Be strong…. it will pass… and you’ll be happy again..”

I’m not going to nominate anyone…. so, if you like the tag, just answer it.. like wise, if you are bored, try filing it up. 😛

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