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What should I say?  After a week not writing anything in this blog, it feels strange to finally update an outdated blog.  Owh well, I think I’ll just write what crosses my mind… although it might sound a little perverted, I guess…

First up, is the petrol price.  RM2.70 per liter.  That’s huge!!  I expected an increase, but not as huge as 78 cents.  What can I say?? *sighh*  I know everyone is complaining.. so I don’t think I should add to that long list of complaints.

Then, there’s the EURO 2008.  I figure I could make at least RM300 if I play my cards right.  I always root for the under-privileged, so.. you know that when Portugal takes on Czech tonight, I’ll be hoping Ronaldo practically ‘breaks a leg’..hehehehehe….

Other that those two? Not sure whether I want to mention it.. but life is life… I want to clean up my room.  My dad came over last weekend, and complained that my rooms looks like shit.. and my mum even sweept the whole house for me, citing that I should get my act together and start cleaning up.. *sigh*

susah juga jadi orang bujang.. huhuhuh….


  1. Yeah, mum told me about the petrol price. Also about the price of rice and even minyak masak increasing. Around here the last time I checked diesel was AUD$1.75/litre. I forgot about petrol. I hope this doesn’t persist. About your place, what about hiring someone to come in and clean once a week? Makes your life easier and your parent’s eyes less sore. Haha. Or, cari bini cepat2! Hahaha.

  2. You complain about 78 USD cents per litter of petrol??? Here, in Slovakia (finally that life traffic program shows my town and not our capital city:-)) we pay more than 2 dollars per litter (40 SKK or 6,55MYR). And the diesel is even more expensive. But in the meantime we have one of the cheapest price 🙂 confused? It is because we pay about 56% of the price to he government. The cheap price of the petrol is when you do not add the tax.
    Did you know that your spam control do not work under firefox?

  3. Gloria
    >>> Hahaha.. No komen on your last sentence.. kekekekeek..

    >>> Well, its a big adjustment.. so what to do.. but I have to face the patrol price. And thanks for the info on the spam control.. will look into it.


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