458 and Gawai means work.


Over the bridge leading to SMK Asajaya

Finally, I’ve managed to update you guys on what I feel on 3 movies I’ve watched lately.  The Transporter 3, X-men 3, and Fast and Furious 4.  Just click on the links to see what I think of the movies.

On another hand, I am felling a little weird.  Ever since I came back from SMK Asajaya for the Robotics competition, I’ve been sleeping way too much, and way to early.  Normally, I doze off at 1am or later, but nowadays… I’m lucky to even see 12 midnight.  Also having appetite problems.  I find myself wanting to eat Kueh Chap daily =P  but I do still eat.  Maybe I miss mom’s cooking =D

Work hasn’t been that great.  Now, I am relaxed because my students are sitting for their exams.  I am playing catch up with my work, and so far, I haven’t even reached what I want to catch up on, and another huge pile would be coming in today..  Because, after today, I’d have…em… (3 x 4 x 35) + (2 x 19) = 458 exam papers to mark, with most of them subjective and essay questions. And I will also will have to get down and mark another 458 experiment reports  for the Penilaian Berasaskan Kemahiran Amali (PEKA).  All this must be completed by middle of June, or more specifically 19 of June.  Then, there is my MJROBOTICS team.  Remember how I said that going to Bintulu would be a hassle? Well, here’s why: I need to train them for the competition.  I don’t like bringing an unprepared team, and if I decide not to bring them to Bintulu, it would break their hearts.  Plus, I don’t think the school would actually want me to skip the competition because I am lazy to go, right?

Now, with all that work, how will I enjoy Gawai, which is just around the corner?

Hoping for clearer skies

Some people say, just mark the exam papers ‘cincai‘… but I feel that my students put lots of effort into doing the papers, and deserves proper marking.  Some say, send in the marks late la… “Nevermind“, they say, but I know how my school works, and if you ain’t lucky, you’d get a ‘love note‘ from the administrators.. and that is BAD…

So I got no choice.  This Gawai, and school holiday, I’ll be burying myself in a huge stack of exam sheets ready for marking… and if you can’t imagine how much is 458 exam papers in one stack, then look below…

The stack of work

It’s as high as an ordinary four legged chair. *SIGH*


  1. works mean sacrifice
    Tapi jangan sampai stress
    Siramat onu gawai

    Stress la.. meybe need your help soon. Btw, Siramat onu Gawai geh…

  2. is that 458 papers? nampak sikit hoh??ekekeke…by the way , good luck in marking those paper …jgn marking sebarang …cuba imagine those students ya darah daging kita …adik ka …anakbuah ka…. sik kita mauk sidak dipolah sukati kan? 😀 Happy Gawai to You . Cheers!

    Memang tak marking sebarang. Dont worry… Happy Gawai to you too!!

  3. Itu la maksud nya your life more to your working life… macam tak da hidup kalau cuti pun banyak kerja….

    And don’t worry about those papers… Will help you to mark it so that you boleh enjoy your holiday a bit… kekekekeke

    Btw, manja kamu ni…. miss mom’s cook… Muahahahaha
    Happy Gawai Sayang…. !!!!!!

    p/s don’t drink too much later… and try not to get drunk…. u’ve promise,remember??? and no drink and drive too,,, Ingat/jaga la org yg duduk sebelah you masa you drive nnti…. 😀

    Normally, I dont drink during Gawai…heheh don’t worry. You wanna help?? Sure!! Any help is always welcomed!!

  4. hmmm…. if objective, boleh jugak i help u to mark. 😛
    but okla, at least u’ve got 2.5 weeks to complete all the marking. and thats like 25-30 papers /day. just buy yourself m&m’s chocolate, and reward yourself with 2 pcs of m&ms with every 1 paper marked.

    heheh.. good idea, but I will need to buy a lot of m&m’s.. When I’m done, I’ll be an m&m.

  5. 458…wow..one of toughest jobs in the world yet underpaid. 🙂

    That’s what you say, but some will argue saying teaching is easy.. and normally, its people from the outside of the education world.

  6. Want to know how I marked books during my practical? ;p

    Week 1: Mark one by one.

    Week 3: Give them answer and then go back staffroom and tick everything without reading.

    Week 8: “Class, now I want you all to exchange books with your friends and mark each others’ books.”

    That’s books… Exams are different. Can’t afford to do that.. but yeah.. hahhahaa.. good trick you have.. Will use it soon.

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