Malaysia BOLEH!!!


@1045am: Lee Chong Wei was just totally outclassed by Lin Dan.  Maybe next time I guess… *sad*

@730pm: The world is weird, unfair and full of bullshit.  I’m depressed.  No… Chong Wei has not played, but I’m no more in the mood for the game.  Blame it on the world, and how it works.. and blame it on my job.  Its just stupid.  The world is stupid.  Status-quo is S-T-U-P-I-D!!!!

I’m leaving my fingers crossed tonight.  I’m praying hard despite not going to church today.  I’m going to steal one Malaysian flag from those many many flags dangling outside of my school… and hell yeah, I’d be sure to curse SESCO if there’s a black out tonight at 830pm because I’ll be prepared, with the stolen Malaysian flag, with my fingers all crossed up, with my leg even crossed up..and with a heart and mind full of hope that our Malaysian ace, Lee chong Wei can beat Lin Dan in the Men’s Single’s Badminton Olympics finals.

Some may think that I shouldn’t even bother about Chong Wei winning the gold medal, as he is the one getting the RM1mil incentive, and not me.  But again, its not the money.  I don’t care if my tax money goes to him.  Just this once, I guess it would be okay.  I just want to see my tiny, small, proud nation getting its first gold.  After all, its not easy to get a gold in the olympics.  You can see what happened to Josiah Ng in the bicycle keirin where he was tactically outshined and outclassed… and what would you expect from our tiny sized Malaysians in sports which involve lots and lots of body contact such as football?  Badminton is our best bet, and this time around, Lee Chong Wei is the man.  He has been playing great, and I see the enthusiasm and desire in his eyes.

And I know, most of you are as fed-up as I am about the now so heavy and twisted Malaysian politics.  Someone is saying another has poked him from the side, the back, the front.. or where ever.  Its so idiotic, to the extend I feel that most of us cares less if you’d be poking anyone even from the top!!!  Busy bodies just love to make their bodies busy.. go poke yourself… don’t bother me!!!  Go run for parliament if I care… I’m still a huge supporter of the Dr M’s era… where Malaysians fought more for Malaysia, then for race, religion etc. etc.. STUPID!!   I found this article from theStar online really interesting, and I’d like to lament.. I’m Malaysian.. I support Malaysia.. If you are Malaysian, and you support Malaysia without devide… then I’m with you.  But if you claim to support Malaysia, but say that by politics/religion/race/ethnic we should be divided, stay away from me…

So, tonight…. if you have nothing to do, and even if you have something to do… don’t miss the big showdown…





8:30PM, Malaysia time live on TV1 and ASTRO!!



  1. Sadly he was not outclassed but outgunned. They are at par in terms of technique and skills but Lin Dan’s capability during the Game Day was in top notch. On a different day it could have been different…

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