The 8th day of the 8th month, of the 8th year of the year 2000

The Bird’s Nest

I have never felt so dazzled by anything, especially if its an opening ceremony of an event but the 08.08.08 Beijing Olympics would mark my first astonishment of such an event.  Putting aside the 1998 Commonwealth Games Kuala Lumpur hosted (which my pride was more because of Malaysia hosting the 2nd biggest games in the world), the Beijing Olympics was nothing short of spectacular.

The Globe During The Opening Ceremony

I admit, and I would put my praise on China for such an awesome, fantastic, bombastic, acrobatic, ‘out of this world’ opening, that I would have to rethink of any other nation that could ever beat the Beijing games in years to come.  I’m sure that most of the 4 billion TV viewers were Asians, as they held the event at 8pm, on the 8th day of the 8th month, of the 8th year of the year two thousand.  Nonetheless, I am very much sure that there is a great sense of envy that China could build up such a spectacular show, with the pride of being Asian very much in tact in most of us Asian.  However you’d feel… I’m just so damn satisfied being able to see how thunderous and exceptional the opening was, and deep down, I had the feeling of pride swimming in my heart, despite the host nation having little to none of connection to me. I guess, this is what they call.. ‘One Asia for the whole of Asia‘.

The Malaysian Contigent

Normally, I’d hit out on the Malaysian contingent, wearing the National costume which is the Baju Melayu, and Baju Kurung.. but this time, I’d give them a break, as I was more focused on enjoying the LIVE ceremony on ASTRO Supersports.  I think the only sad side was the march pass as I dozed off midway Bahrain I think… as there was over 190 contingents moving in (which was really alot!!!).. hence, I missed the game’s torch lighting too.. *SAD*

As usual, when girls are doing the march pass, I’d be looking out for any beauties out there.  Emy quoted Taufik Hidayat as charming (yuckss!!!  okay, I’m jealous.. haha).. but I have to say that there is this one Afgan girl which really stood out.. hahaha..

The Water Cube
The Water Cube

Now, that the opening ceremony is done with, I am looking forward to the games itself.  I know Malaysia would be vying for a gold medal in Badminton, so… I’ll be looking forward to that.  I’m also hoping for Bryan Nickson Lomas (which is from Kuching by the way) to make some waves at the Water Cube, tough I doubt he could with such stiff competition.  Till then, LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

The Beijing 2008 Olympics Torch

and of course…. for our Malaysian Contingent…


p/s: Picture are from TheStar Online.. I’ve got no money to fly to Beijing, and AirAsia has no promotion also.. 😀


  1. Emy
    >>> heehahaha. yup, the Afgan girl..kkekeke

    >>> Well, I was shocked to hear about it, and I am still puzzled over what’s going on over there.

    >>> Yeah, I know.. but I dozed off.. Didn’t wake up till 1am I think. 🙁

    >>> Yeah, that’s rite Eda. we have quite a number of athletes from Sarawak. Isn’t that a really cool fact!!

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