70mai Air Compressor review

70mai Air Compressor review

I recently bought the 70mai air compressor because I figured that I needed a high powered pump to inflate my tires in case I had a flat somewhere.

I’ve been noticing there’s plenty or air compressors out there, but with each and everyone of them going above RM100, I figured I should get a branded one to get my money’s worth.

I could go for a cheap one, but cheap air compressors might get damaged after a while, and buying a new one would likely waste more money.

That’s why I decided to give 70mai air compressor a try.

SPECIFICATIONS: Why I bought the 70mai Air Compressor

One of the major reasons I choose 70mai’s Air Compressor over the rest was due to the brand itself.

70mai is associated to Xiaomi, and Xiaomi is known to produce good products at low prices.  The fact that 70mai is part of the Mi (Xiaomi) ecosystem which focuses on smart car electronics puts a lot of weight on my decision.

Aside from the brand, I choose this particular air compressor because it seemed to be strongly built.

Based on images and promotions, the air compressor is said to be able to pump up to 7 bar, which is enough to pump my 4×4 Nissan Navara truck.

There’s also claim that the noise of the pump isn’t loud and that it has a smart chip to cut out the compression when the set air pressure is reached.

The compressor came complete with a long power cable, 3 different tubes for use, and the compressor itself.

THE HIGHLIGHTS: What I liked about the air compressor

Once I obtained the air compressor, I immediately did some test.  There were two things I needed to inflate, namely my daughter’s air pool, and my motorcycle tire.

After plugging in the 70mai air compressor into the charging port/power hole on my car, I started to reduce the air from my motorcycle.  This was to see how fast the air compressor could inflate the tire back again.

I didn’t deflate the tire completely, but it was enough to see changes when the tire is deflated and inflated.

The motorcycle tire was back hard again in less than 5 minutes after I used the air compressor.

Now I had the air pool to inflate.

The air pool was completely flat, but after starting the air compressor and plugging it into the air pool, it was back to its original shape in about 10 minutes.

During both times, the pump seemed to be working without much problems.

I thought the compressor noise made by the compressor and the weight of the compressor was also acceptable, being about 1KG.

Just to add, I didn’t try to inflate my truck tire as I didn’t want to go through the trouble cas even taking out the spare tire is also quite a task with my 4WD truck due to its location.

You can see the demonstration on the pump use in the video below.


THE REGRETS: What disappointed me in the 70mai Air Compressor

There’s little to regret or feel disappointed with the 70mai Air Compressor.

However, if there was something I could have added to the air compressor, it would be a proper power cable which could be fitted to the normal home socket.

This will definitely make the air compressor more useful at home.

Another change I would make comes in terms of pricing.  Sure, RM224 for the air compressor may sound ‘okay’, but being human, I’d of course prefer it at a much lower price.


I don’t have any regrets buying this 70mai air compressor.

Personally, I think it works as it should and it would be useful in emergency cases when I have a flat tire.

That said, I’d have no problem recommending this air compressor and if you want one, I found out that they are sold cheaper on Lazada (Below RM200).

Hope my review helps!


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