Lovely Day


You know how sweet and romantic that Digi advert jingle just gets to you, and makes you sing “Lovely day… lovely day… lovely day…

Well, today, that jingle has been playing in my mind over and over again. Yeahh.. really.. over and over again.. seriously.. Its going over and over again in my head.. LOVELY DAY..lovely day… LOVELY DAY…heheehehehe


I’m getting this:


Yeah… I’m not kidding… I’m serious about DiGI giving me this slide 5.0MP, Triband, EDGE enabled phone, which could cost me about RM1,100.00 phone FREE!!  Yesss.. again…. FREE baby!!

Well, If your wondering how I got it free, well here’s the secret… If you are a postpaid customer with DiGi, you get 1 bonus points for every ringgit you spend.  Earn a total of 3000 points, and you can redeem a brand new phone!!!  To make it more interesting, DiGi gives out your first 1000 point for free!!  That’s RM1000 man, for FREE!!!   and since I signed up for their 1Plan (which is now unavailable), I can call out, SMS and MMS for FREE after I reach RM123 (to DiGi numbers only) .  Its really cool!!

So, after a year or so with DiGi Postpaid, I’ve got about 3200 points, as my monthly usage is about RM123 a month.  Sound a lot,huh?? But really, its not… especially when your initial bill would be around RM400 before the statement, and all of a sudden shrink to around RM125 in the actual bill.  The reason?? Well.. FREE CALLS, SMS, and MMS after RM123 baby!! heheheheh..

Okay, back to the DiGi Bonus Points… I finally decided to redeem the points last month after I hit the 3,000 mark and despite feeling not so confident with my chances, I tried my luck anyway.  I guess I redeemed the points because I needed a new phone to replace my cranky K550i (picture above).  A month has passed (I tried my luck in July), and today…. I had the urge to check my bonus points… and was surprised to see.. it has shrunk to a balance of 200.  “Eyh??“…  That’s what was on my mind.  Next came “Jangan-jangan I got the phone?“… So with pure uncertainty, I called up the Digi customer service and asked about the decrease in bonus points.

They replied… “You made a redemption Sir, and that’s why your points are deducted.”  So I went… “Errr.. Doest this mean I got the phone???“… and the friendly DiGi officer (So they say and claim) said…”Let me check first sir, can you hold the line??”  I replied, “Yeah.. sure“… and so I waited.  Barely into a minute, the DiGi officer said “Hello Sir, you got the phone.”  I Went “Ahh?? You mean I got the LG phone?”  She politely replied.. “Yes.”  Man, that must be the best news I’ve heard this week!! I thanked her, and well… You can imagine how that made my day!!  I surfed to check out the price, and noticed that the phone is yet to be released in stores in Malaysia/Kuching and but it was quoted to be around RM1,100-RM1,500.  That means, the LG KC550 would be the most expensive phone I’ve owned!!

Errmmm.. the only thing is, I have already got myself a brand new Sony Ericssons K770i (picture above) to replace my troubled Sony Ericsson K550i while waiting for this redeemtion as the DiGi Point redeemtion took quite sometime, and I was quite certain I would not get it.  I’ve not got the official letter from DiGi, and you could say that I am “counting my chickens before they hatch“. But in the FRIENDLY DiGi Customer Service I shall trust, and shall remain happy with what I was told I have won.  Now, I shall be stuck with 2 equally good phones, and one troubled Sony Ericssons K550i phone as I didn’t trade in my K550i when I purchased the K770i.

Despite that tough, I have no qualms, and I’ll be singing the DiGi jingle for the rest of the week I guess..hehehhe..



  1. congrats on the new phone.. hehe.. so u r using post paid.. murah gik ka dari prepaid? im using digi prepaid and i thinking of switching to post paid as it offers more benefits.. murah gik ka? i need to know..

  2. Irene
    >>> Yeah.. I use my Hp to do calls to anywhere… so, it can reach that much. Not really bergayut, but sometimes browsing the internet.

    >>> I dont really like the new Digi plan, but I can say that using post paid is much more cheaper, plus you don’t have to worry about loosing credit, and get points for every RM u spend. Post paid does offer better service, and you don’t have to worry about peak hours as you will always get through.. I can say, I am satisfied with my postpaid plan… If I don’t use, pay RM50.. use also pay RM100++ so, what else to complain??


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