Selling The New LG KC550 Slide Phone Cheap


Most of you know that I have been waiting for the LG KC550 phone I have won from Digi.  And I think, if you have been reading my blog loyally (Thank you for that, by the way 🙂 ), you’d know that I do not need the phone as my recently purchase K770i by Sony Ericsson which is just wonderful.

Anyway, I received my monthly bill last Tuesday from Digi.  Interestingly, the cover of the envelope wrote “Free Hari Raya Cookies“(pic above), but I wondered what do they mean by ‘free cookies’ when its a pure envelope.  Maybe Digi is giving up some voucher to claim free cookie jars during Raya.  I don’t know, and I didn’t really care. I was not looking forward to that promotion, as i wanted to know the status of the prize I won.

I opened up the envelop, and pulled out the monthly bill… Ahhhh… what lame stuff.  I browsed through, and finally smiled.  I guess my Hari Raya cookie this year is REALLY EXPENSIVE because it cost RM1000 above, and at the last page of the bill was a voucher(pic above) which told me to go claim my LG KC550 phone at the nearest Digi Service Center.  I admit, I was excited, and so I immediately rode off to the nearest DiGi center to claim my prize.  I expected to get the phone immediately, but what I got was just a stamp, and another instruction to go on to the next Digi Service Store (DSS) to claim my prize.

I was kind of annoyed, because it felt like I was more towards running in the Amazing Race than actually claiming my prize.  Uhhh… Nevermind that.. I rode off to the DSS, and showed them my voucher.  Again… they gave me instructions.. and this time it went “Sir, we have to order your phone, you can take it in 3 days“.  Oh my!!  This was already turning in one of those Survivor series where I should wait for Tribal council to claim my prize!!

I left empty handed that day with pure disappointment.  Yeah… I was looking forward to getting the phone that day.

Wednesday and Thursday came, and Friday drove in.  I was no more into the phone. I was not interested to try it out.  I have thought about it over the past 3 days, and I have decided to sell it off cheap.  At RM850 cheap. I’ll use the money to buy the Canon Ixus 85 IS digital camera… Yeah… now I’m excited to get the phone, to sell it off.  The faster I can sell it, the better.  After all, I like my new SE K770i and I don’t have the feeling of replacing it yet..

Well, I got the phone on Saturday because the DSS called me up at 430pm that Friday when I was rather busy eating Emy’s tasty, home made Laksa Penang (hehehe.. she can cook Laksa Penang!! kekekkeke..), and only managed to checked it up upon my arrival at home.  Everything was intact, perfect and working and so, I wasted no time to post the phone up for auction at (click the link to see it directly).

Now, I wait.. wait for anyone of you reading this, or looking at the advert of the phone to click “bid” and say.. “yeah.. I want that ORIGINAL, ZITRON WARRANTY, BRAND NEW, 5.0 megapixel LG KC550 slide phone…. ” and straight away exclaim to me with your hard cold cash… “Give it to me baby.. and here’s your RM9++“.. hehehehhe..

So, if anyone is interested.. click here, and start bidding!!  You have about 1 day or so and I assure you that the offer is for real, and the warranty and phone is still intact.  Come on… Market price is abot RM1,000… If you C.O.D lagi murah coz no need postal fees.

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