A Different Man Behind Closed Doors


Word is out. The event I attended in Mukah was a dialouge session with Pehin Sri Taib Mahmud. It was front page of the New Sarawak Tribune to much of our suprise considering the event was a closed event. No press was suppose to cover it, yet alone put it on their front page. But…. well…

Shocker. Headline news for the closed event. -Photo grabed from Ida A.

Staying in Mukah for a little over 3 days was rejunivating. The place was homely and calm, and things were just laid back. It’s a wonderful place to relax and escape from the husle and bustle of the city. The resort where I stayed in was huge, comfortable and empty. Mukah needs more tourist, and it’s a pity that they don’t have more, particularly since the umai here is the best I’ve tasted.  It also has a wonderful sea view, somethig I know many would love to enjoy.

Umai in Mukah.

The dialogue was fun, and an eye opener. I was asked to talk on the responsibility when using social media. I’m not sure if I made that point clear, but lets just assume that I did.. hahaha… The dialogue also saw Datuk J.C.Fong present his paper on ‘My Constitution’ which I thought was very educational.

Modelling for me. Thank you dear model =P

Anyway, the best part of the dialogue was the session with Pehin Sri Taib. He spent some time with the youths, and I bet he totally inspired them. I know I was. The things he said, the way he presented it, was a true eye opener. Questions were asked, and he answered joyfully, in full detail, and with great effort to ensure the youths could understand the points made. I’ve never seen this side of him. He showed and talked on how he would want to see the younger generation make something good out of themselves.  I really wished I could show you, and tell you what was discussed in more detail, but it was a closed door session, and so I can’t.

Group discussions

For me personally, I felt that such event/dialogue is very good, and I think it should be extended to the masses, provided they come with an open heart. I did, and the ‘lighter’ side of Pehin Sri showed more than I expected, and made me admire him in away I never thought of before.

Group photo with the participants. They were an eager bunch.

With that said, Pehin Sri said that “A good CM must have his people close to his heart“, and judging from his answers during the dialogue, I have to say that Pehin Sri does have his people at his heart.  It’s just that sometimes, or rather most of the time… many misinterprete it, and think otherwise.  I think, one must personally ask him and listen to his explanation to know the reasons behind his decisions, and not make assumtions based on rumours.

BTW, anyone interested to sit down and have a chat with him if you are given a chance? I’m just asking, nothing promised.

p/s: I’m not a supporter, nor is this post politically motivated.  I write what I see and what I feel.  You are free to agree/disagree with me.  It’s your right, just like voting in the coming election is.


  1. Did you ask the question I tweet to you that day? hihihihihi Anyways, I wish I was there, I always wanted to ask a few things personally to Pehin Sri in a closed event like that but that one New Sarawak Tribune put in front doesn’t look closed to me :p

    • Yeah bro. The New Tribune produced the news regardless it was a closed door. We were all shocked it was in the papers. Press was not allowed to cover it. They were asked to leave actually. They took the photo of him arriving and sitting down only. Even RTM was showed the door. I was made to understand that there was a miscommunication about the event, and somebody sent the info abt the event to the press when it was not suppose to be attended by the press. On top of that, being a CM, you are just bound to have ‘stalkers’ from the media.

      As for the question, I didnt ask him, but maybe if we had a chance, you can ask him himself =)

  2. I have nothing against our CM, in fact i think he did a pretty good job so far. and look… lowering his standards by sitting on the floor when he could easily opted for a chair, is classy of him. Not politically motivated either, :-), just that away from politics, they’re humans too.

    p/s: umai cecah! yummy!

    • Yeah. Indeed it was a very different side of him. All the formalities are set aside. There is more to what is in this article. Probably you can ask me in private.

      and umai cecah wasn’t my fav, but the marinated or the one with lime was like .. Yuummmmm!!!

    • It was a non-political event and so the question was not asked. In fact, he did not even touch on any political things. Em, I think he said he will retire within 3 years after the election, right?

      Just wondering, who’s ur best choice to replace him?

  3. yeah…i’m so proud coz had been chosen to join this dialogue…the most important thing …….when i hv an opportunity to ask a Q to him.. Wow…live gik yaaaa

  4. Nobody knows what’s the heart of other Cyril. Like you, I prefer to be neutral when it comes to politics and politicians. If we are so perfect, than we are Gods.

    I believe it was a fruitful session. I hope he’ll see what the youths want.


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