Happy Aidilfitri Everyone

Short Words: 1st Day of Raya, Went to 5 houses.  2nd day will see another 5-6 houses maybe. I’ll have to see how full my ‘tank’ is.

I guess, I will not be updating since its a holiday, and yeah…. I’d be ‘busy’ at my parents house and ‘busy’ filling my tummy with lots and lots of rendang and curry, and ketupat and ayam masak merah….

So, before its announced by the Mufti, as he’ll goes on and say “Saya..bla bla bla.. dengan perkenan Yang Dipertuan Agong… mengumumkan bahawa tarikh Hari Raya Puasa adalah.. teeeetttt.. tuuttttt… “… I’d like to wish all my Muslim friends and students and bloggers out there…


and for us non-Muslims…. well, its that time we get busy and ignore that high fuel price (yeah, I know it has been cheaper by 10 sen)… and start polishing our cars (so that we can show off), and put on our slippers (so that it doesn’t get ‘mis-used’ by someone else), and go say “Selamat Hari Raya” to our Muslim friends while admiring how nice their new curtains, sofa’s and maybe their beautiful cousins/relatives around…hehehehe..

Other than that… it is undeniable that Raya is a day when you get to fill your ‘tank’ till full without any ‘hardcore’ drinks… so… SELAMAT HARI RAYA TO ALL!!!

p/s:  here are the bloggers which I know celebrate Raya this year…

A special Selamat Hari Raya to you guys/gurls… and Maaf Zahir & Batin.


  1. Hey,hepi holz! Here Raya falls today.Haha.

    >>>cdason says: aiYoo… 2nd day already Mar… hehe… I think I covered like 15 houses this year. Thats a new personal record!!

  2. AIYA..cdason gf is my cousin..
    celebrate raya..cdason..datang umah aku!
    amy tauk umah aku siney..kekeke

    >>cdason says: kalau ada kesempatan, I’d come… hehhehe..


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