RWMF: Will I Ever Go??


Listening to Stolen by Dashboard Conventional. Awesome track.. with so much meaning in it.

I have been wanting to go to the Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF)… but I still wonder when will that ever happen.  I wrote about this last year, but the RWMF has since slip my mind, until just recently.

I know a lot and I do mean a hell lot of people are saying that its the best thing happening in Kuching all year… and it is by far the biggest party in Kuching.  In fact, there are so many posituve reviews saying that it is something not to miss, and many say they would return to the RWMF on an annual basis despite the ticket price hike, the extending crowd… and the fact that it is more ‘tribal/traditional’ than modern.  It comes to the fact that most of those whom go to the RWMF are city dwellers, and I know for a fact that the number of locals going is increasing by the year.

So what’s the catch?? Did the Sarawak Tourism Board (STB) put some drug in the tickets they purchase?? Is it really that fun?? I think, the RWMF is the best ever local organised and published event in the whole of Malaysia as you now have the Penang World Music Festival (PWMF) [Penang’s counter to the inability to transfer the RWMF to the island], and of course the fact that Pak Lah.. yesssss.. Pak Lah said he wants to go to the RWMF this year (altough I doubt he could as he’s busy with Anwar and Mahathir).  In fact, its so pupular that foreigners and foreign press are just giving it two thumbs up!!  Don’t believe me?? Well, it has also been chosen at 3rd place in the Hot 100 List by The Edge Daily!  I don’t think I have to mention the numerous awards it has won….

but then, it still comes back to me when will I ever go?

It bugs me sometimes, thinking of what would happen and what would I do if I were to go to the RWMF. The following questions pop up frequently when I think of the RWMF:

  1. Will I actually enjoy it?
  2. Is it just an event with tonnes publicity, but in fact is just NORMAL?
  3. Do I need to stay over in one of the nearby hotels to enjoy the RWMF to the fullest?
  4. They say you make a lot of friends there, will I?? I mean, I don’t talk much in crowds…
  5. When is the best time to go? Should I go for the night show? or the whole day?
  6. What to wear?  Kuching is hot!! Shorts and singlets?
  7. Will it make me tired? Exhausted?
  8. Can I bring my car? Is the shuttle bus dependable?
  9. Is it any fun to go alone?? Or.. you must bring some friends with you?
  10. What is there to see?? People banging drums? People dancing?? Girls??

…and there’s so many more questions on my mind… I think there is no limit to purchasing the ticket, but I just wonder if its all worth it.  On top of that… I really wonder wether staying nearby is a good option.  If it is, then maybe I’ll just have to wait for next year… and while I’m talking about the RWMF.. here is an articles I did find really interesting related to it: Sarawak Rainforest Music Festival… in Penang?

To go, or not to go??? huhuhhuhuhu……


  1. Annna
    >>>yeah.. i know what you mean. There’s always something happening when you want to do something else *sigh*

    >>>Not goin.. haiyah…. not free..

    >>>I have changed my outlay to address the prob bro. Thanks for informing me.

    >>>Well, maybe they stopped giving blogger passes as the event is so famous now.

    One Other
    >>>Not free man… so maybe next year 😛

  2. Hey cdason. Blogjumping.

    Would you like to buy my tickets?
    I got 2 3-day pass.
    I’m selling really cheap. RM250 and u get the other pass free. How bout that?
    I cant go, will be outstation.

  3. Bro ! what script are u using for the blog posts. I do not the others but opening ur blog with IE causes my IE to shut down. Firefox is ok… 🙂

  4. Go, Cyril! I’m going for the first time this year. Finally, after so long. I mean, yeah. Like Annna said, there’s always something going on. Luckily this year I’m on semester break. No harm checking it out right? I mean, if you don’t like can always leave..then again..that’s a lot of money. Haha.

  5. I’ve been missing RWFM eversince they first started. There’s always something important happening on the same dates as the fest. Be it exams, assignments or I’m out of town. Even this year, I couldn’t make up for it due to assgs. I always wanted to go, but this year, I had the choice to finish up my assgs earlier and go for the fest. However, for the very first time, I don’t feel like going. I guess it’s the company that matters. If all my friends are back in Kch, I would consider going. Btw, on the 12th there’s the KB meet and I would love to be among the crowds and definitely will meet new ppl. =D

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