A round-up of everything

Mike, as friendly as ever when accompanying us bloggers.

I’ve been a busy bee last week, and that explains why I’m lacking in updates. Nonetheless, rather than making one post each for every event I’ve attended, here’s some bits and pieces of all the events, with words which inspired me.


Had a discussion with about 36 NGO’s and government bodies in regards to the TLS 2011, and managed to put in the phrase which sounds something like this: “The Sarawak Bloggers intends to help Sarawak as much as it can. Many people do not realize that what they do online can indirectly effect our state, and we are keen in changing this to make bloggers, and readers more matured in their judgment, and therefore molding future Sarawakian leaders. We also intend to be the voice of the normal people, and highlight issues on the ground so that someone ‘up there’ can take notice and do something.” Someone from the Sarawak State Office agreed with me, and Anne said I did brilliantly by saying those words. Yeah, ‘kembang hidung skejap’ 😛


We had a good discussion on who would be great to come for TLS, and I suggested Dato’ Idris Jala would be a great example for many Sarawakians. Topics ranged from politics, music, blogging & social media. I couldn’t remember who said it, but the words went like this: “People think that bloggers are people with horns, ready to pounce and take down anyone at anytime, but here you guys are building something positive“. That was music to my ears 😛


Andrew, a standing comedian from KL said to me “If you just started (Sarawak Bloggers) in March, and now, you are invited to an event (The STB Media Appreciation Night) like this by Sarawak Tourism Board, you must be doing something very right“. His words were indeed inspiring, and on top of that, you guys must catch Andrew if you do go down to KL. He made me laugh till I had tears in my eyes, and my belly hurt like I had my balls kicked. Check them out at thecomedyclubkl.


Attended the 2000 class reunion. I think 30 of us came all in our own definition of 7pm. Anyway, it was good catching up with old friends although I wish more could come. 10 years is a long time, and it was evident how some changed so much. Hope to do yet another one in 5-10 years again, on a grander scale, although getting everyone together is never easy.


I was late for this, but I managed to talk to the marketing manager, Mr Salleharon which was pleased to further work with the Sarawak Bloggers and help organize events in Starbucks. Now, who can turn down Starbucks? Anyway, the Cheer party was a huge success, and the kids do look happy. Leading the way must be the super uber duper bigger kids in Gary, Fahri, Ivan, Norman and Radhi(?).

I think that’s all for now.  Will blog on more stuff after the holidays, or make that, after new year as I will be taking a short hiatus from blogging for Christmas, staying in my village’ which is 10 minutes from Bau town, but still without no internet and cell phone connection.

With that said, here’s a photo for you guys:

Ho.. Ho… Ho….


  1. 1. You should be very proud of yourself for even sitting at the summit, and in my estimation, you should get at least a small token of pingat kenyalang 5 years from now. im serious.
    2. is that Pierce at the blogference?
    3. loved ur black batik man! very tribal!
    4. i still think that picture does not look like u at all.

    Merry Christmas!!!

    • 1. LOL. I wont count on any award, and not gunning for it anyway.. I do it for my own self interest and my belief that Sarawakians are better people and we should have more leaders.
      2. Yess.. thats pierce.
      3. Thanks!! I love it too. The moment I saw it at Sarawak Plaza, I said to myself, I must have that shirt!
      4. LOL…. but why???

  2. “our own definition of 7pm”…hmm…punctuality was not stressed so much in the posts…perhaps that’s a good excuse…he3…terasa juak aku tok eh… “getting everyone together is never easy”…true2…hmm, getting a few people to be punctual prooved to be a lot harder eh… Well, points taken. C u in the next reunion…hopefully by then u’ll bring yr new dslr…kuang3…

  3. Indeed, Sarawak Bloggers have come a long way my friend. You really deserve those encouraging praises and remarks, for being the person who initiated and carry the Sarawak Bloggers through. Congratulations, and may Sarawak Bloggers expand even further and break more expectations !!

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