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12Feb2009 UPDATE:
I’m just freakishly busy that I do not have time to blog hop that often. Work!! Work!! Work!! Shit. Anyway, I did stumble upon this blog today about the Taliban. If you want to know whether you’re a Taliban.. check it out. In a cynical way… its just hilarious!!

The Internet is indeed a wonderful tool.  I am virtually ‘lost’ and not mentioning bored if the internet was not around.  It’s life at the 21st century, and it does wonders for an average ‘geek’ like me.

Now, there’s a problem.  Some COWARDS are starting to misuse the internet.  It’s not new, but its getting worst, especially when it starts happening to someone close to you.

Latest victim : Amiey.  Someone posted some pretty bad comments on some political site, and used her name or rather, her online identity (click on the image below to enlarge and read).  I know Amiey well, and I know how she stands on certain issues.  To say the very least, she is literally a ‘free thinker’ whom believes that everybody is equal, and religion should be followed by choice, and not by force.  Apart from that, she has little to say, and likes to keep her very own thoughts to herself.  So, when she told me that someone was posting a comment using her online identity, I checked it out… and man, the comments was harsh.  I knew it was not her, plus…I was sending her home at the time the comment was made.

I gave her guidelines to remove the comments and deal with the matter, but surprisingly, the owner of the website was reluctant, and argued that the email used is the same as the one filled in the comment form.  Seriously, doesn’t everybody whom blogs know that you can easily type in any name and email address when you leave a comment?  Weird!

Further communication with the blog owner finally concluded when they retracted the whole comment, but not before claiming that she was rude in asking for the retraction.  The funny thing is, I thought she was rather courteous, with the “please”, “thank you” and “hope” words in her request.. but they somehow ‘terasa‘.  Don’t know-lah.. maybe different people take courteous in a different way.

Anyway, my blog has not been spared.  One of my reader’s accidentally found out that someone was tarnishing his image by posting bad comments on my post about Proton’s poor service.  He later reported it to the Police, and asked me to retain the original post in my blog for evidence.

A few bloggers I know have also started to take action over their blogs, especially when dealing with these cowardly comments.  Some have resolved to removing their chat boxes, and some have introduced registered comments.

Its actually getting very bad, and there is practically nothing one can do.  The best is to report to the police by recording in their IP address.  But you know la, Malaysian police.  What can they do?

For me, those posing as other people, and using other people’s identity to post harsh comments are COWARDS and IDIOTS.  They do not want others to know their identity because they fear and of the consequences.  They are not willing to stand up to their own opinions, and would like others to take the blame for what they think.  Obviously, they have a personality disorder.  They should go and see a psychiatrist.

As for using other people’s identity, ahh.. you guys are just trying to run someone down.  What goes around, comes around… and I believe that these people are the real bullies in the net, and should be brought to court.  They are bored of their very own lives, and want to live others.  They are also un-educated because what they do is nothing short of wrong.  In fact, I do have a good feeling that they have this attitude of not wanting anyone to be ‘more‘ than them, hence, maybe the ultimate reason why he/she is still left behind, while others have progressed.  You’re such a HUGE LOSER, and I won’t be surprised you think you are so great, when in fact, you are just nothing and no one.  That’s why, I think people steal other people’s identity.  They are just FOOLISH LOSERS

Uhh.. I already feel like I want to puke talking about these type of people.  Anyway, just to make it crystal clear to all you guys… I RESPECT EVERY RELIGION, RACE & PERSON.  I will never echo displeasure over any other religion or race.   I think every race and religion is good, and it’s just people themselves trying to tarnish other people’s religion and race. Or better still, its human’s themselves giving others a bad impression on their respective religion/race.

Hence, if you find any comments using my name/nickname which are going against my statement here, do inform me.  You can read my full disclaimer here.

–Cyril Dason believes in peace and harmony, and respect over each other.–


  1. Hehehe… Coz usually famous bloggers will get such treatment by people coz people jealous of them. Don’t think people will just simply pick some tom, dick or harry to abuse. Think of the positive way *LOL*

    Yeah.. maybe so.. positives with negatives.. uuhhh…

  2. Please allow me to clarify here that the phrase,”Its a complicated world with complicated people” is something I deliberately borrowed in good faith from our good friend Mr.Desmond via his comment in Herman’s post “Only registered user can comment”. Thats why I doubled the apostrophe in my entry “The reality of it”.Thanks to Herman and TQ Cyril.

    Hehehe.. No prob Hammy.

  3. Think of another way, you ppl are famous! Must be more famous than me ;p Seriously, I never got all these problems for blogging for so many years. Hmmm… That is so strange, why you people always got “abused”? Maybe it’s the things you people blog about. *SHRUG* Anyway, using others’ identities are just so wrong. These people are just cowards.

    I don’t think I generate that much traffic.. but if its about the post?? I wonder what could possibly make someone mad? Hmm…. COWARDS.. Still wondering why you say we are famous *SCRATCH HEAD*

  4. Aih … penat2 aku naip comment aku, dah hilang pulak … I was saying …

    Now do you see my point why I go for comment registration? Btw pok, mun nya sik delete2 juak, better make a police report just to be safe. Not being paranoid but just a way to cover your arse in case anything happened. Touch wood.

    A wise lady once said ” Its a complicated world with complicated people “. Kan Hammy, kan kan kan …

    They deleted it after long persuasion… and yup.. I am considering your move for my blog too… But I am still considering a few things though. “Its a complicated world with complicated people”.. *SIGH*

  5. If Amiey have such strong opinions to voice, wouldn’t she first voice it out in her blog instead of doing it in other people’s blog/site? I wonder what they gain by being imposters?

    It’s one of the downside to using your real name or close to your real name to enter the online world.

    Can’t you track them down? If he/she knows Amiey’s blog link and email you guys would have known who that person is.

    I wish you both luck in resolving the matter.

    If it’s a police case, the culprit could be tracked down easily. But yeah, using a real name does have its pro’s and cons… but at least, those using their real names are daring enough to stand up to what they believe in.

    Yeah, what do they get by impersonating others?? Shallow.. Shallow minds they have…

  6. I hope your beautiful girlfriend will be okay …:) They are such a coward!

    Beautiful girlfriend?? You hear that Amiey?? Someone agrees with me that you’re beautiful.. hehehe.. Thanks for the compliment!

  7. Now you see my point why you need to register in order to comment, right? 😉

    Btw, mun nya sik mok delete comment ya, better make a police report to cover your own arse. Not being paranoid but you’ll never know what will happen next.

    As a wise lady once said, “Its a complicated world with complicated people”. Kan Hammy? kan kan kan …

  8. You’re right we should respect every religion, race and person.I for one and in name of fairness would not openly declare hatred on anybody or any organizations for some misdeeds of bad apples.As a true believer of what goes around comes around, I fear that one day I may need the favour of those whom I hold much negativities and realize that we are all just humans to begin with.I hope you and Amiey will be okay and I’m all against internet abuse and uncivilized acts of commenting and blogging.Thank You.

    Thanks Hammy, and I’m glad we are on the same page.

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