Adenan Satem


This is probably a one off thing, because I rarely do eulogies in my blog, but this time, it just felt right.

I was in a local restaurant discussing about a project with a friend, and the news came to me when we ended our discussions.

Adenan Satem, Chief Minister of Sarawak had died of a heart attack.

It was the single, most devastating, not mentioning shocking news I’ve heard for years, as a tear dropped. Never had I shed a tear for the death of a politician, but this man was special.

I may have never been to an event with Adenan Satem, nor do I believe he knows about my existence, but the impact he has had on my life, on every Sarawakian life, is nothing short of huge.

While there are times people tend to remind us Sarawakians that Adenan Satem is just yet another politician, Adenan stands up, and makes us proud he is our ‘big boss’, much to the envy of many, especially those in neighboring Sabah.

I could recall all that he has done, but I believe newspapers would be flooded by them tomorrow.

But if there’s any one thing I’d highlight about Adenan’s term as our Chief Minister, it would be this:

Sarawakians matter and we deserve better

Thank you Tok Nan. I will miss your “Ouuuhhhhhh Haaaa!”.


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