After 12 years… THIS.

Last weekend, during the second of June, an old friend Lucia had her wedding blessing and reception at the Borneo Convention Centre (BCCK).

BCCK was as usual, lovely. As I have always said in my previous post, I have a soft spot for BCCK. Probably it’s because Mike’s working there. An amazing bro, with lots of heart and passion. You should have seen him when Man U lost the league to Man City. Woww!

Anyway, based on the invites, and thanks to Facebook I guess, about 20 of us ex-kolej-ian (schoolmates) came to the wedding reception. It is by far the biggest ever turn out of my ex-schoolmates, and what an event it was…

Old stories came out, and the famous Mee Selor was also part of the topic.  I bet at any re-union, such topics are just the favourite.  The transformation of my friends were also amazing.  Some changed in size, while others remained similar, and as much as most of us have grown up, with professional careers written on our name cards, it seems that little has changed in terms of attitude.

Yeah, probably there was a glimmer of maturity at some point, but judging from the hall, we were the noisiest of all.  It’s not that we were indiscipline, it was just reviving those good old days we were younger.

That day made me miss those years I was in school…

(Photo above is from Derek, showing of about 70% of whom are not yet married)

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