All about the Virgin Mary image

News has surfaced about the image of our dear Virgin Mary image which is seen on a window of a hospital in the Peninsular of Malaysia.

While the authenticity of the image has yet to be confirmed by those concern, I have just one thing to share as seen below.

If you have not caught what I was pointing out, please read the comment just under the photo. It says “This image is taken in Subang Jaya Medical Centre & it looks like the Virgin Mary is coming to deliver us from the BN devils.

Seriously, do we need to politicize EVERYTHING including religion?  It’s bad enough our education also contains political influence, and now this?

One of the articles I found saying religion should not be mixed in politics.

More ironic, isn’t this one of those leaders from a political party which claims that we should not politicize religion, and that PERKASA, UMNO or BN should not do so?

Hey, I am not for any political party, least again for UMNO and PERKASA, but this sort of comments just disgust me, and mind you that there are more likewise minds leaving similar comments on the articles about this issue on The Malaysian Insider.

People should really stop mixing politics into religion.

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