All About Weddings 2010, Kuching


I know, by the time this post is up, the All About Weddings showcase in tHe Spring, Kuching is done with, but it’s worth mentioning it anyway.  Well, I’m not good at making judgement on dresses, what more to say anything on wedding dresses, so pardon me if my choice of dress isn’t actually the nicest.

Of all the wedding dresses, I loved this one:

I always liked something simple, and I always think less is more.

Below is the ‘almost’ complete collection. The wedding dress in gold was auctioned for over RM7000 1500, though I couldn’t remember how much.  Nonetheless, proceeds form the auction went to the Sarawak Children’s Cancer Society (SCCS).

Apart from that, there were professional photographers from The Professional Gallery which also took the opportunity to showcased their work.  The Professional Gallery is a collection of professional photographers such as Patrick LowAlvin LeongJason VictorPeter Tan and Charlie Lim. Their aim is to share knowledge on photography, and build up networking, something like what the Sarawak Bloggers aims to do for the blogging community.  Well, Charlie Lim managed to auction his exceptional services for up to RM2000 for a good cause, which is to support the SCCS.

Anyway, just to note, I love weddings, most particularly western infused ones which I think is just beautiful, you know, like those you see on TV.  The only thing I dislike about weddings is the fact that people tend to ask “When is your turn?” Seriously, that’s not a question anyone should be asking any single man/women which is attending a wedding.

But, for what’s it worth, I’m getting married when I’m ready. My life, my choice, right?

..owh, and have you heard of the song “You and Me” by Lifehouse? That’s a very, VERY beautiful song for a wedding… Trust me. You’d want it to be played when you dance with your bride/groom on that special day.


  1. Haha Cyril,

    you know what? I really really wanted to go for this showcase since Wednesday after I received SMS from the Spring and also after reading the write up in the Borneo Post. I even went there on Wednesday night to take the photography contest form with my family. But then, last Saturday, duty as a son-in-law call. Need to send my mom-in-law to kampung. So I had no choice but to forget about this event. I wanted to meet up with Alvin Leong because I haven’t chatted with him for quite some time.

    Too bad, every time i went to any bridal booth, they will have less interest in me because I am married with a kid. They think I am not interested in taking photo. But they are wrong. I still can be their potential customer ma….hahaha…

  2. yes simple is the most elegant, no need to fuss around with so much lace. I also like wedding dress with V shape at the back. It is like a sexy touch to the dress. Nice that the auction will go to SCCS.

  3. The first time I heard the song “You and Me” from Lifehouse was on one episode in Smallville (God knows what season.. so many cant remember) when clark kent danced with lana lane on a prom night. It was Clark’s dream come true, the first moment he laid eyes on Lana, he had always wanted to dance with her in the prom. So you can imagine the magnitude of emotion the song brings when it was being played when they both danced.
    Lifehouse made a special appearance on that episode, and it was their launch of the single, even before being played over the radio.
    I of course downloaded the .. i mean… eheemm got myself the song and played it over and over and over my winamp for a long long time.
    Glad to find that you love that song too !!

  4. Chegu:
    Wow, maybe it’s the season. 🙂 Lots of people getting married this year.

    Hahaha… well, they are wrong coz maybe you are a future customer, for your kids 🙂 Planning waaayyyy ahead. If they didn’t bother about you, then it’s their loss. Well, I believe we are going to have more events coming, so keep your fingers crossed 🙂

    V shape back? Yesss.. I love it to 🙂 Sexy.. and well, less is more.

    The song was rally touching in that Smallville episode. Im not shy to say I actually shed a tear during that particular episode. The song was so fiting, and the pain felt so real!! Anyway, Lifehouse rocks!! You and Me is my fav though.

    Dee Loner:
    Haaaaa.. Now this is someone whom knows wedding dresses these days. But for what’s it worth, I actually prefer the dress you have picked for your wedding. Reaally nice.. 🙂


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